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Anglo-Sikh Wars

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"How the Sikhs lost their Kingdom" - Khushwant Singh. Its on Amazon. Its quite an interesting read about how the British defeated the Sikhs and the role of different people and groups in this. Its not too biased so it looks at the situation from different angles and stuff.

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I would strongly recomend :

Six BAttles for India : Bruce George (hard to find these days)

History of the Sikhs , Hari Ram Gupta

How the SIkhs lost their kingdom , Khushwant Singh

Raj, Lawrence James (breif but very readbale account)

Cunningham HIstory fo the Sikh poepel . . almost contemporaneous account

the latest trans of Umdat Ut Tawarick Daftar V

have fun

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Yep, that's another good one - which transaltion would you recomend? Becuase it was originally in poetic form it isnt really supposed to be an accurate historical record more of a eulogy and the translations are pretty clumsy at best. but it is of course a worthy addition to the book list.

Some of the best researched and most knowledgeable sources on the Anglo Sikh Wars are the war game modellers who invest hundreds of hours in painstackingly recreating battles on a minature scale. THey go into immense amounts of uniform detail for their models and the terrain and then try tio understand exactly what happened.

have a look at : http://www.magweb.com/tourmw/news/0401/1q17sikh.htm

and the work of the perry twins. More recently there has been a osprey book published by one of the perrys covering the period with some info on the a-s wars.

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