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Gurdwara Exposed


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“Guru Arjan Dev Ji Shaheedi†Sports & Cultural Tournament organised by:

Sri Guru Singh Sabha London East

For several years Sangat has been trying to stop this tournament where the following happens:

1) Excessive Alcohol & Drug Abuse

2) Rowdy and Violent Behaviour

3) Langar from Gurdwara is distributed alongside meat and alcohol

4) Misuse of Gurdwara Funds

Is this what Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji & Sikh Shaheeds lived and died for?

This Gurdwara committee are the Massands of today. They refuse to address the concerns of the Sangat. They are misusing the offerings from Sangat. They partake in the alcohol & drug abuse on the day of the tournament. They profit from the tournament.

This is the future of our community at stake. Do we want people who abuse their roles as community leaders?

This abuse of power has to stop and as Sadh Sangat this is your chance to make a difference in your local area. The committee is responsible to YOU all of the local Sadh Sangat. The tournament highlights the extent to which this committee is not capable of promoting Sikhism within the local area.

Things will not change unless we try to do something about it. If you have love for Guruji and call yourself a Sikh then it’s your problem.

Call the Gurdwara on;

020 8594 3940 / 020 8597 8822

Write to the committee;

100 North Street, Barking, Essex IG11 8DJ or

720-730 High Road, Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex IG3 8ST

Call Committee Members;

Lehmbar Lehal 020 8252 7244

Sardara Dhaliwal 020 8550 3303

Sansara Narwal 01708 753649

Gurdip Hundal 020 8924 9310

everyone should ring and tell the committee what they think.

some ideas:

explain to them that meat and alcohol are prohibited for all sikhs.

ask them would they let someone under the influence of alcohol enter their Gurdwara?? if they wouldn't then how can they provide langar for people who are drunk.

why does the Gurdwara need to be involved in organising this event?

how much sangat money is ploughed into the event?

who's money is used for langar?

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Its true an awareness of whats going on should be raised and te actions of Gurdwaras should be exposed.

However a question you asked was whose money is used for the langar and basically why are Gurdwara funds being used to host an event where meat and alcohol is served..

However shouldnt we also ask to why every Gurdwara and sikh organisation is a registered charity and all build schools and classes so they can claim for funding off of the goverment which collects its money from the people who are in britain at least 80 something percent meat eaters and nearly all drinkers !! Why does it not bother the gurdwaras or the sangat where the gurdwaras money is coming from.. only where it is being used alot of the money the gurdwaras have is from Goverment funded projects alot of the sikh organisations also word their projects in ways to make the most out of Goverment funding.

Why is nobody concerned with whose hands that money has come from? If the money came from the meat eaters and drinkers then in a world goverend by karam it will go back to the meat eaters and drinkers.

Check the accounts of the gurdwara and see how much money is being claimed through funding projects and crap like that then see how much they get from sagat donations, way out the difference and then look at how much is being spent on this event.

Daan and daswand is one thing between the sangat and Guru, however goverment funded projects and schemes are another !!

If im wrong in this case and this gurdwara obtains no funding externally and all this is money the sangat has given and is being used in a way the sangat of that gurdwara do not wish it to be, then rally support with the local sangat and boycott the gurdwara and the event. Take maharaj to another local gurdwara and also provide petitions etc.

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