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1. Current Campaign

The Committee of Ramgarhia Board Leeds is fully involved with the current Anti Sikh campaign to allow the Ramgarhia Sikh Centre complex to provide meat and alcohol on the same property of the Gurdwara.

Meetings have taken place in which Guru Granth Sahib Ji has been disrespected, further details of which can be found below. The subject to provide meat and alcohol on the Gurdwara complex in the Sikh Centre was discussed in Maharaj’s Hajoori during the last AGM with Jakarai sounded in support of meat and alcohol also in Hajoori.

The local sangat of Ramgarhia Board Leeds, who are in a minority against this motion to provide prohibited food and drink, needs the support and grace of Maharaj’s Sangat to help put a stop to this Anti Sikh campaign by the current committee.

The President's daughter is to be wed at the Gurdwara in August, and is pushing very hard to be able to openly eat meat and drink alcohol on the occasion of his own daughters wedding, in the Sikh Centre on the Gurdwara property.

The Charity Commission has stated that the Committee according to the constitution can do as they please.


2. What YOU can do to HELP…

With the support of the Sadh Sangat the following plan of action is required. All those who can help in any way possible are encouraged to do so.

• Send letters to the Committee voicing our concerns. A pre-drafted letter can be found here.

• Ring the below contact numbers of the Gurdwara and committee to make them aware that the Sikh Rehat Maryada is the constitution of the Sikhs and our Gurdwara properties.

• Support this campaign by being present at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting on Sunday 5th of June. Meeting is at 2pm – 4pm. Any one can attend as observers.

• Please help by passing this information on to sangat who may not be aware of this situation.

Thank you for your support in helping to find a peaceful and long lasting resolution to this problem.


3. Gurdwara Location and Contact Details

Ramgarhia Board Leeds

8-10 Chapletown Road






Tel - 0113 262 5427

Tel - 0113 262 0085 (office)

Charity No. 1090200


4. Committee Contact Numbers


Jagir Sohanpal

Home 0113 2403482

Garage 0113 262 2214

Amrikh Virdi 01132287937

Gurcharan Sohanpal 01132256574

Mohinder Sohanpal 01132663435

Kulwant Rayat 01132622257

Satnam Sohanpal 01132692220

Gurdev Sihra 01132669829

Amrik Bhachu 01132160801

For more information and what you can do please visit www.gurugranthsahibji.com

Below is a Pre-Drafted letter that sangat can use to send to the Committee to express our views and concerns. Amendments can be made to the letter if the sangat wish to.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I ……………………… am writing to you the committee of Ramgarhia Board Leeds regarding your current campaign to allow the Ramgarhia Sikh Centre to provide meat and alcohol on the same site as that of the Gurdwara.

I am personally shocked and disgusted that you the committee are supporting this motion to provide prohibited food and drink on the same property as the Gurdwara. I am appalled at the reported level of abuse and behaviour in the Annual General Meeting on the 24th April 2005 towards the Amritdhari’s present and I am not at all happy about all this happening in the Hajoori of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the Diwan Hall.

The Sikh Rehat Maryada which governs how Sikhs should live is more significant than the constitution in which the administration of the Ramgarhia Board Leeds is stated. The Sikh Rehat Maryada is the constitution of the Sikhs and our Gurdwara’s. I urge you as the committee to follow the instructions of the Rehat Maryada in the administration of the Ramgarhia Board Leeds complex that includes the Sikh Centre. It is also in your best interests to follow the Rehat Maryada and try to become true Sikhs and followers of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, our master.

I also urge the committee to put a stop to this motion immediately as it is of no advantage to the Sikh community as a whole. However if the committee continue to try to pass this motion to provide meat and alcohol I will support all those against the motion strongly. Every channel available to challenge this motion will be used and legal advice will be sort. If the motion is passed to allow meat and alcohol on the same property as that of the Gurdwara, I will whole heartedly, support the removal of all Sikh artefacts and all Saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, from the Ramgarhia Board Leeds complex so that full respect and Maryada can be followed. Meaning the Gurdwara will cease to exist to ensure the respect for our Guru Ji is maintained.

I will await your response with the expectation that you will not be going ahead with this motion to provide prohibited food and drink for Sikhs on Gurdwara grounds.

Yours Faithfully

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I also suggest that the "respect for Guru Maharaj" team check out the remaining Gurdwaras in Leeds, particularly the Singh Sabha (home to Leed's Taksalis) where last year, the night before a Wedding between a Taksali Singh's Sister and a Nihang Singh (although I am certain the this function was not connected with this particular wedding), the Hall ADJOINING the Gurdwara premises and sharing the Gurdwara carpark had meat, alcohol served (I discovered 2 half-drunk pitchers of beer in the carpark when I got out of my car) and Bhangra drowning out the evening Divan.

The funny thing is that the Taksali Singhs inside seemed to be oblivious of what was happening on their compound and yet thought it fine to give me grief about wearing a Maroon Dastaar!

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