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True Protectors Of Their Faith


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Parnaam Shaahedan Nau:

Three types of Sikhs are follows...

1. Murid/Sikh/Sikh- First are those who have taken Guru di Sikh ie-Amrit and have faith in Guru. Sometimes do seva of Gurughar and sometimes backs off.

2. Murid Eh Sadik/Sidki Sikh/Sanmukh Sikh: Second are those who have gained full sidak and their mind never wanders around in vishaie/vikara/vices and have full faith and devotion.

3. Murid Eh Fidaie/Marjeva Sikh/Gurmukh Sikh: Third are those who have given tan(body), man(mind), dhan for seva and giving head to the Guru its normal thing.

We all ask for shanti and kirpa from Vahiguroo but Rare are those gems who ask for Shaheediiiii in this life.

Last stage is the stage of Shaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Guest SAdmin

Yeah no doubt...Sant Ji was surronded by loads of saps (snakes) waiting for right time..


Dear N30S!ingh,

Could you elaborate more on your statement and on those snakes? And how you came to this conclusion? Is it based on hearsay or you got any real evidence on making this opinion?

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