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Any Artists Out There

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lol sorryabout that,

ever thought of becoming a concept artist/designer for games?

one of my best friend is also muslim, but he says art/drawing is against

islam, forgot wat the reason was,

anyway wkd art work man.

heres one digital painting i did about 2 years old,

even thou i dont like the way it came out, i due have to say now i have improved greatly, this winter my art site will be up :P


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Its true that many muslims believe that drawing a physical realistic representation of a person or animal is considered by a lot of muslims to be against Islam. Shia muslims dont seem to think so though from what I have seen. Some take this really far and say that photographs are against Islam too.

I dont know about becoming a designer for games.. Im actually trying to not spend so much time on the computer and I am working on making money without being on the computer so much. As much as I love art and design I would rather be in a pit of 300 crocodiles catching them with a rope and a stick or taking blood samples from Komodo dragons in Indonesia. I do crazy things like that to keep my sanity. :P Plus I would like to get into traditional art with real paints and pencils again... just have to find the time.

Hey nice work. Cant wait to see the rest of your work. Be sure to post a link up to your art site once you have it done :)

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all nice work but its gotta be said. that singh drawof or whatever, looks really funny. i'm guessing hes a valeti guy.

how did u do the monkey art work? was it using flash or illustrator or something like that?

the 1st 3 pics r nice it shows u got creativity.

mister akali thats nice work to how did u do that?

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