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Arrow of the Blue Skinned God / Jonah Blank


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Readers maybe interested in the travel writer/journalist and anthropolgist JOnha Blank's classic 1990s travelogue through India "Arrow of the Blue Skinned God". I read this many many years ago at the same time as "An Indian Attachment" which is what has sparked this note.

He basically follows the physical locations of the Ram in the Indian Ramayana which takes him from the South of teh country, through Ayodhya and to teh North and back again. Each chapter tackles the social anthropology of the country, caste, equality, spirituality etc. He does get to Punjab (although here I think he diverted from the original Ramayan myth) and has an entire chapter on the Sikhs and the "Punjab Problem". The chapter title is "Evil" and that is very apt given the chapter's content.


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