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Amrit Shakan De Asool

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don't only rely on sgpc maryada but also check out more becus its been made by a bunch of academic scholars not spiritual high gursikhs , mahapurakhs .

for eg , sgpc has reduced rehraas sahib . they allow kutha whcih is not right .

they r against kumbh , jots , sampats etc. they say do panj baanian while actually 7 banis r required

5 in the morning : japji , jap sahib , tva praasad savaye , chopai sahib , anand sahib .

2 : rehraas (full version) , kirtan sohila

they believe mool mantar is upto gurprasad while actually it is upto nanak hosi bhi sach .

they r against keeping fotos of gurus .

so check out damdami taksal website . read books written by Sant Gurbachan Singh ji , and other puratam sampardas .

actually the thing is everybody is little bit different , so its hard to see wt is right and wt is wrong . just pray to baba ji to give u sumat .

wjkk wjkf

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oh i m sorry , got my punjabi wrong . they don't allow to eat halal but chatka i think they do .

remember a controversy that started maybe a year ago , and sgpc wanted all the hotels to mention wt type of meat they make halal or chatka .

anyways just forget it . lets just concenterate on ourself and try to find faults in ourself and remove them

bhul chuk maaf

wjkk wjkf

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Karmjeet. Do some research on why the Akaal Takht Rehras is shorter than that of sants and bhurmgianis. Or visit me. You sants and babas changed their maryadas by addign more to AKaal Takht one. They think are higher than Guru Panth. They need to be taken care of.

dhan dhan khalsa fauji..there is a thread called wish list on general discussion ..please post your wishes...it be really interesting what kinda wishes you really wish for ...it's a chance for us to know yourself better...so go ahead give it a try - let it out once it for allllllllllllllllllllll!!!


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