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Sant baba isher singh ji maharaj's dauya(prayer) at grave.!


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source: got it from sant baba jagjit singh's audio divan/nau ratan

One day, sant maharaj ji rara sahib and sevaks were going out in walk..they walked by grave yard...sant maharaj ji eye sight just happened to be on grave which had this written -

Eh Janaey waley meri duaya kartaie jana, sayad teri dauya sei meri kalyaan ho jaie

Sant maharaj ji heart mealted (saints are for everybody). Sant maharaj took panj ishnan and stood on the grave, closed his eyes and took his hands on air.

Sevadars were confused as to what sant ji is doing. Suddenly, sevadars with their own eyes saw an white appearing soul appearing right infront of sant maharaj ji, first namaskar to his charan then suddenly, bhavan with devdoots (angels) came and took this craving soul.

Sant maharaj then went up to sevadars to go back to the dera. Sevadars asked, maharaj what was this kautak? Sant Maharaj smiled and said- eh nahi pochi da and sant maharaj ji said, fakir can only do ardas(Dauya) infront of akaal purkh and rest is all his kirpa.

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Eh Janaey waley meri duaya kartaie jana, sayad teri dauya sei meri kalyaan ho jaie

Hey people who are by passing my grave, please do prayer for me , may be with your prayer- i can find some peace / liberation.

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