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Sant Ranjit Singh


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Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

todays programme at Wolverhampton Gudwara Sedgley St was amazing there was sooooooooooooooooooooo ohmy.gif much sangat it was a beautiful site. And good news for those who were not able to make it to todays programme you can see the pictures which are online on the gurdwaras website. Im not usually the one to do PR for sites but you gotta see these pics and theres loads of them. The website says that kirtan will be uploaded sooon youv gotta listen to it sangat The site to go to is


in the media section you gotta check it out

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I was at the programme today and I think it was pretty good too. The only downside to it was the fact that Baba Ranjit Singh turned up so late. As it was a warm day and a lot of Sangat turned up one woman near me fainted, due to the hall being full and long queues it was next to impossible to get her help and downstairs. Made me wonder what first aid arrangements are made when events like today’s take place.

On the whole it was a good programme.

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he is very good , i;ve seen him at Guru Nanak Gurudawara smethwick

high street, his aim is to make people take amrit after his 2-3 days of

katha and kirtan

(there were 70 people may be more who took amrit at smethwick ) waheguru

His method of explanation is simple and affective , uses simple punjabi so all can understand

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I agree that amrit is not to be taken lightly , it should be the persons way of life

he also explains that in his katha , that amrit is to keep and once taken the person should visit the Gurudawara regularly , read and practice the bani, and if there is something inside you that is telling you to take amrit then take it

In his katha he also explains that if 100 people take amrit out of the hundred probably 70 people will keep amrit 30 will resort back to their old habits , But says 70 is better than nothing , But if the person follows the rehit properly and applies it to their normal life , no way can the amrit be broken .

Last couple of days his live katha was broadcast on Sky channel 926

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There are alot of people who call them sants the genuine ones you can spot a mile off , plus they will not go on an ego trip and say " hey sangat i'm a sant please follow me " , i don't know whether you have seen him do the Katha , its not about being a Sant or a Baba , i believe thats the mistake a lot of people make , its about what the person is preaching .

If the person is preaching the truth in this case , from siri guru granth sahib and following the rehit themselves i don't think it is a bad thing

Personally my belief is that call the person what you like , if the person is genuine and in this case preaching about sikhism from siri guru granth sahib then its a good thing , if the person is wrongly preaching then i agree with challenge_everything , give the person a good bashing / expose the person .

We should try and learn from them and motivate

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Guest Nama Singh


FULL recordings from Wolverhampton thanks to EktaOne.com and GurDarbar.com (the official Gurdwara website)

Monday 26th June


Monday 27th June


More photos online too from Monday by going to:


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In the case of baba ranjit singh - i suppose time will tell

or gurbani

'jinaa saas giraas naa visre har nama man mant, dhan se sei nanaka pooran soee sant.'

but at the end of the day anyone doing parchaar of gurmat is a plus.

I think if ranjit singh knew english it would have been so much more beneficial to the panth, he's young maybe he will learn.

May guru bless all his parchaaraks!

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I think hype can be a good thing, can you imagine the amount of hype there was in Anandpur when Guru Gobind Singh Ji first initiated Amrit and created the Khalsa. On that day people must have came from all types of backgrounds and taken their Amrit, most likely without preparing themselves for it. In comparison with what Baba Ranjit Singh is doing is exactly the same, whether people take it out of hype or have prepared themselves for it is exactly the same in my eyes, in both situations the individual has become inspired in some way to become amrit dari, one step towards guru ji and he'll take a 1000 towards you.

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so baba ranjit singh has the same intent as guru gobind singh?

sorry for seeming pedantic but people are getting carried away with certain sant lehars and they have done throughout the centuries, better not to relly on a sant who is the flavour of the month now and won't be 2moro - better to do gursikhi parchaar ourselves...

ghar ghar andar dharamsaal - let each house be a beacon of dharma

as bhai gurdas said!

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sorry forgot the link stupid me


Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh

kirtan has now been updated on www.gurdarbar.com

Just click on the Media section and go to Movies

On the 12th of July at from 7:30 pm onwards the final programme of baba ji's tour will be at Sedgley Street Gurdwara in Wolverhampton

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I don't see what the fuss is all about , if no one has heard the katha Bhai Ranjeet Singh does , then we should listen to it .

All his programs are broadcasted on SKY Digital Channle 926 ( Amrit Bani) starting about 8.pm ( worth listening to)

The gian he did at Manchester , he mentioned that he is not a Sant but a Sikh whose aim is to make people take amrit. He even tells the sangat not to bow down to him and only bow down to sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

The Gian he did yesterday , he mentioned about money . Alot of people don't know why are spreading rumours that he has come here to collect money , but ( i am not making this up and heard it on Sky channel 926)

Bhai Ranjeet Singh said he has never asked for money nor is he in it for the money. The money raised is what people have given because they want to . He also mentions that money should be given to good causes , i.e. the poor and needy and most important of all do seva yourself , go and help the poor yourself so that you know the money you have given is being spent for the right cause.

He also mentions that people are spreading bad rumours without knowing the facts and that if these people can prove to him that he is in it for the money , then Bhai Ranjeet Singh would stop doing Gian and Katha

There are alot of sceptics out there if you don't like or haven't listened to his Katha then stop spreading bad rumours, we should focus on the good points and act on them . If we don't like his style and katha , then simple, don't listen to him .

Following also sums it up ( taken from sikh history web site)


I was at the Leeds two divaans. All I saw was a person who had great nimarta, very deep knowledge, a person whose every word was charged with ras.

Take a normal giyani or a kirtania and there are many that come over from India, if there is no ras, if there is no ‘kiran’ of naam then there is no anand. Gurbani is gurbani there is no argument here, but from whose atma it is spoken from has a great effect upon who is listening. When Baba ji was doing viakhia you could hear a pin drop, the sangat was hanging on every word, why ? Because Babaji has kumai and that kumai of naam shines through every word they utter. I could stand up on stage and sing my baysura kirtan all day, who will listen to me ???

This is the kirpa of AkalPurkh upon his Sants mahapurkhs, because it is the duty of a sant to japaa naam.

As Kabir Ji has said

kabeer saevaa ko dhue bhalae eaek sa(n)th eik raam ||

raam j dhaathaa mukath ko sa(n)th japaavai naam ||164||

It is great to do sewa of both the sant and God.

For only God can give you mukhti and the sant urges/helps to recite His naam.

All I saw was a person who had a clean white chola on with a clean white hazuria and a clean white dastaar. Okay, the cloth may have been rashami but so what ? Did not Guru Gobind Singh Ji give out awards to his Sikhs who would come to him with the best tied dastaar. Guru Sahib Ji ALWAYS wanted best for his Sikhs.

Baba Ji himself said on a number of occasions that there are those Baba’s who spoil the reputation for all of them and I agree there are many of those types who will swindle the sangat and we must be on our guard at all times, BUT we must not paint all mahapursh with the same brush and we must not be so cynical and blasé about it, for that person will not learn and progress on gurmats path.

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