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Planning future care for our sikh bros and sisters.

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As know we have a resource of communication amongst us, I feel its important to discuss issues involving young sikhs being led in the wrong direction and falling apart from sikhi roots.

I.E (sikh girls going out with muslims. There are also many sikh guys going out with muslims girls. Sikh guys getting pisssed and messing about! Some thing needs to be done to guide them in the right direction).

We all know its important children are guided and taught rights and wrongs at young age, once bad habbits are undertaken they are difficult to change.

Most muslim guys purposely target sikh girls to convert them and get back on revenge from our past history between sikhs and musalman.

I just heard a story yesterday from my uncle. In Bombay a Sikh family had a court case between muslims over some business fraud. To get revenge they kidnapped the sikh familys daughter and got her married to some muslim. And posted them the pics! They have gone crazy! and they cant find her daughter.

A Gurdwara in Goodmayes London recently got made. Now muslims in the neighbour hood are making a mosque right opposite. When young girls come out the gurdwara they stand their gazing at them.

Some thing needs to be done to re-educate our heritage.... Otherwise sikhi will fall. We need real singhs and sisters to start thinking how to resolve this situation.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji did so much to protect sikhi and know we have become lousy lazy careless and just sit back and say "well wot can we do, its up to them" Thats not the way Muslims think!" They teach they kids to go out and convert hence a big cheque! They are letting sikh girls getin mislead! We are supose to be fearless mighty sikhs!

I also am aware of problems in Punjab.... Government r sending lot of Muslims to move in to Punjab!

Bolee Sorne Hal Satsriakal!

Please reply and give ur suggestions!

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i'l tell wa ya need, u need fear ! or pyar, i dunno fear always sound good, n u no people will repsond to fear, cuz i no u cnt give pyar to a musleman, he'd jus laff, so do wa i do b*tch slap his ass down.

but i c wa ya mean wa about re educating the panth.

veer CE i understand ya view piont, but sikhi is only is as strong as u want it to be, n at he mo some people dnt see sikhi as ne thing, n if things cary on 'sikhi' in a sense will die out.

bk to the original post, honestly, i've tried the talking time to unseath the sword :twisted:

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this converting business is always gonna go on, muslms dont target just sikhs ther target other people , especially poor people who want a better livinng " if you convert, we give you all the food , resources you ever need"

maybe us guys should wake up aswell, who drink, have bhang, think were "it"look at goriyah, look at musalmaniyah and think, "yeah i want a piece of that" n flirt with them and think apniyah are all stuck up, we can take all sorts of things and bring them up but we need to look at this problem in different angles to find out whos fault it is and how we gonna solve it

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forget establishments the next thing you kno is that you have a new types of sikhs, and this diversion is getting stupider, we should be fighting this problem as one,

have gyanis with the knowledge to refine our knowledge, help us mentally prepared incase fanatics tries to brain wash our minds and others

give ur with women a little more respect, and love them more, tell them that they are future of sikh saint soldiers and maybe they will bring down there walls and actully listen to wat sikhi has to offer

if you have parents teach them that our sister are no different to us men and should be treated as an equal

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If we r sikh & know what is right & wrong then our sikh brothers & sister also know i can just pray to god or Just appeal to them that Protect sikhi, but whats the problem in india i said earileir that sikh girls dont want to marry turbaned sikh, What to do that can change there mind

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I also am aware of problems in Punjab.... Government r sending lot of Muslims to move in to Punjab!

New Muslim population is noticed along with border area. It is clearly a planned move, but it would be wrong to say that (Indian) government is doing this. Rather, Pakistan could be responcible.

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