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what other religions do bhagti amrit wale?

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Christian monks and nuns wake up very early for prayers. They also do all night vigils.

Sufis wake up early, plus there is the standard first prayer within a certain time before dawn for most muslims.

Hindu bhagti orders and jnan marg orders wake very early. The fact that ISKCON (Hare Krishnas) were being made to wake at 3 for long periods of bhagti and simran was something used by the cult psychologists to criticise them! (i.e. causing physical emotional and intellectual strain for control purpoises)

Buddhists, up early,

I guess its common sense that if you want the mind to control the body (if you hold such a dualism), then you should not plagued by sleep. If you want to perform devotions, early morning is ideal.

who else is there...?

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