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Sikh criminals in UK/appeal for information


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Appeal 3: Durham Takeaway Rape

At 10.30pm on 14th April 2005, a 17-year-old girl and her teenage friend went to get a take-away from a fast-food restaurant in Craghead, north-west Durham. Her friend left first, to catch his bus home. Whilst the girl waited for her order, she asked to use the lavatory. However, having used the facilities upstairs, she was confronted by a member of staff who pushed her into a room and raped her.

The girl went home, told her family and informed the police. When the police arrived, the suspect and two other members of staff had vanished.

The man, known as 'Sabby' has been in the country for six years, working in the north-west of County Durham for the past two years. He is known in the small Sikh community in the north-east of England and attended the Sikh temple in Newcastle.

Officers have talked to members of the small Sikh community in County Durham and have confirmed that he stayed locally the night of the attack, before disappearing. Police believe he is still in Britain and believe members of the public and the Sikh community could provide crucial information leading to his whereabouts.

Appeal Points

Police are appealing for three men:

1. The main suspect is known as 'Sabby'. His full name is: Sarabjit Singh, he's 26-years-old, he was born in Western Punjab.

Sarabjit Singh (I don't know how to post pictures, but it's on the site

2. The second man is Harjinder Singh, who's also known as 'Jinder'. He is 32-years-old, he was also born in the same village in the Punjab. He too has been living in the UK for about six years, has worked in the north west of County Durham for about 18 months and attended the same temple.

Harjinder Singh

3. There is a third man, who's in his forties. We know him only as 'Jimmy'.

Police know that these men were very well connected within the north-east, in the Midlands, and in the south of England specifically within the Asian communities. They are also believed to be the subject of immigration applications.

We will have a Punjabi speaker in the studio.

Incident Room number for County Durham Police: 0191 3752559

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They are only "suspected" of the crime, not convicted.

The information available doesn't make for a very believable story in my opinion. Why would they rape a local in a small, close-knit Irish community in their own restaurant (their own place of work)?? The suspects might have legged it believing they were in for a rough ride and would not receive a fair trial. After all, they were recent immigrants and probably not that streetwise.

People have been known to make up rape allegations. I doubt this story in particular, on the facts given. So let's not pass judgement until the verdict is passed.

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I reckon the title of this thread "Sikh criminals" and the usual knee-jerk reaction seems to reflect how the forum is becoming less objective and less professional all the time. Why not blame the British government for this alleged crime, the way they were blamed for the terrorist attacks? What a joke.

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