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SGPC permits Sikh women to take part in two key rituals !

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SGPC permits Sikh women to take part in two key rituals


In a path breaking move in the Sikh religion, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee today allowed women to perform religious service in the sanctum sanctorum of the Golden Temple and threw open to them participation in another ritual hitherto reserved for men.

'Dharam Salahkaar Board' at a meeting of the SGPC here presided by SGPC chief Bibi Jagir decided that women can now sing 'kirtans' (hymns) inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Harmandir Sahib and take part in 'Sukhasan' (carrying of Guru Granth sahib in the golden palanquin in the evening hours in the Harmandir sahib).

The issue of women being not allowed to take part in Sukhasan hit headlines over two years ago when two London-based women Manjinder Kaur and Lakhbir Kaur were allegedly roughed up by devotees on the premises of Harmandir Sahib when they tried to take part in the ceremony.

The SGPC chief reiterated that women were never stopped by the authorities in performing sewa and from taking part in Sukhasan.

While performing religious service, women would have to follow a dress code to be stipulated by SGPC soon, Kaur said.

She said that instead of attempting to touch the golden palanquin during Sukhasan the people should bow before the palanquin with folded hands.

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