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Who are ‘Nihangs'? www.Panthic.org


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Really balanced article....cough cough


Any one we know on this forum ?

Unfortunately, in recent years, many people who don't follow the Khalsa rehat (way of life) strictly and lack good moral characters have brought shame to the ‘Nihang's by falsely claiming to be Nihangs or by simply associating themselves to the Nihang Singhs. In particular, in the UK, a group of young Sikhs call themselves Nihangs on the basis that they look the part and know how to swing a Kirpaan, however upon closer inspection, they do not have the strict Rehat (disciplined way of life), Naam abhiyaas, knowledge, and Jeevan (spiritual life) of true Nihangs

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LOL....I do love the way gurmukh singhs articles has been researched, and the way he as a true journalist shown a very unbiased view of nihangs.

I also must applaud the fact he has great knowledge in the Nihang maryada, and Nihang History...and they way he has supported his accusations towards these so called nihangs/nangs in the the Uk.

overrall a very balanced article...

any way....

LIFE GOES ON.... and the confused stay confused in this tamacha of ignorance.

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Das is interested that what Brother Amritpal Singh ji have to say on that.

I have already said what I wanted to, dear. What I have said will be online within two weeks, I hope. My health is creating problems for me, otherwise I would have updated my website at once.

Coming soon: http://www.amritworld.com/nihangs/index.html

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