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What should a sikh do if he/she been trying to find a job


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Well, interview is same for everyone regardless of their religious preferences.

Please provide following info and we may help you.

1. Where are you? USA?

2. What kind of Job?

3. Do you have an experience or this is your first job?

If you can provide some info then you can get good response.

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its against Gurmat to use them. Especially for personal gain. Thats why the Gurus never showed any miracles or powers.

Do an ardas - thats the most powerful thing in the universe.

And get some training. Practice cant hurt - and you'll be told what you're doing wrong.

You're right, there is a jugti - the jugti is to go somewhere where theyll teach you how to handle interviews.

Just like the jugti to get A levels is to go to school.

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