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a jehovas attempt to convert me


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got me thinking if these ppl knock on ur doors u can convert them 2 ur religion! after all its better than going door to door.. anyway this jehovas couple came knocking on my door in an attempt to convert my family.. i said ur religion says u need 2 believe in jesus to get to heaven.. i then said god doesnt care which religion anybody is.. i then asked how his religion explains test tube babies, cloning etc.. because essentially speaking the results dont have a soul? i couldnt explain that either but it got him thinking.. he said the propecies came true in his religion.. lol well u remember when they created a mega noise about the end of the world in the year 2000? that hasnt even happened... . i told him 2 find out more about my religion he said he has he goes my religion is influenced by islam and hindusism.. well i told him it wasnt, he looked kind of convinced and asked if i could back up my claims i told him about my holy script but i had 2 go 2 london which is why i wrapped the convo up..

bottom line is i rocked the debate lol.. dont let THESE FUNDOZ.. OR ANY OTHER FUNDAMENTALIST convert you! instead educate them.. they will soon give in.. just like these did they had nothing to say..


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LOL good on you! But are you sure that Sikhism doesnt have Islamic and Hindu influences in it? Usually a new religion has aspects of the surrounding religions in it... doesnt make it any less of a religion in my eyes (these things could also be considered universal truths). I know that in Islam you can find overlapping of Judaism and Christianity. In Christianity you find overlapping of Judaism.

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Christians believe Jesus is the begotten Son of God. They also believe in all the prophets in the torah because Jesus confirmed them.

Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet of God and also believe in all the prophets of the torah. They believe that the messages of the other prophets have been corrupted. They believe that God's final revelation (The Qu'ran) is the literal word of God and also that he has promised to guard it.

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All i say to any jahovi who comes my way is, if you truelly witnessed jahovah then youd wouldnt need to tell me about it. Id follow you with my heart.

In some practices of some faiths conversion or logical debate leading to conversion attempts is as much a part of their belief as giving langar is to a sikh. So dont hate them for what they do, its just what they believe is right.

Its like once a white guy said to me, if you sikhs give out free food why dont you ever make the food we would want to be given for free. :D I didnt take no offense insted I said dude you wanna get a pizza its on me, I then ran from pizza hut pretending I had to pee. He probably hates me and all sikhs however the underlying moto is.. Dont hate what another faith practices, especially if it isnt hurting you, coz you may end up having to do it yourself.. like when the jahovahs witness tries to convert you, you retaliate by trying to convert them something frowned upon in sikhi. If its forced conversion thats another matter, Then dont accept it for shit..

Damn was my pizza hut scenario a forced conversion ?

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