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excellent feeling between eye browS

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i have been doing simran and naam jaap for some while with dedication. know i am experiencing a lot of feelings that come at go between the eye brows. feels like there is a vacuum in diameter of 1.5 inch. it feels great.

what is this?

is this the opening of trikuti? i dont see no lights or anything, just a feeling of vacuum / some energy u can call it.


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This is a cut from a discource given by Baba Ishar Singh Ji in 1961. Baba Waryam Singh Jee had had it translated into english and published in the book discourses of the beyond 2.

6. Aagiya Chakkar – (Medular Plexus) It is located at the root of the two eyes and the nose. Here is situated an inverted lotus with 2 petals, white like the moon. Its two letters are (khya and gya). It is called the Udiyang throne. Here the yogis meditate upon God himself, the giver of salvation. Phal (fruit or result). Whatever fruit (gain) is achieved by the meditation of the various above-mentioned chakkars, can be obtained by the meditation of this single Chakkar. Hence the great souls lay emphasis on concentrating one’s mind on this Chakkar, named Agya Chakkar. When living force and mind are stabilized at this place, it has the potentiality of being able to practise Samparigyat Samadhi (Transcendental Meditation).

enjoy it while it lasts and be thankful for it. :) also understand that such experiences are not the end of all ends, rather they are simply passing manifestations in your journey, sorta like Landmarks, they are not to be taken as the destination instead enjoyed with gratitude. Sometimes they can also sidetrack you from your Sadhna, so be headstrong in your Jap/Simran.

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how do they sidetrack u?

whats is transcendental?

you can become sidetracked by getting attached to the experience (as a goal) and dropping your Sadhna. Perhaps one day you won't get a sensation, will you be dissappointed or continue your Sadhna? By no means am i trying to say you will go astray, what you are experiencing is beautiful and by all means you should enjoy it.

Although your experience is very common among True Sadhiks. Just that many more experiences will come your way and each experience will bring about a new transformation. But the light you speak of which you could not see is what concerns me a bit. To expect something from an experience can be unhealthy for your progress. Your expectations alone will hinder your progress. Expect nothing when going into Dhyaan. Let whatever happen happen on its own accord and pace. Let your experiences come accordingly to what you are capable of experiencing. What you have experienced is your landmark in your journey, enjoy it, be greatful for it. Best advice i can give you is that you Pray for Guidence.

here is the pic:


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6. The sixth chakra, Ajna chakra, is located in the middle of the forehead, in between the brows.

It also bears the names The Third Eye or Shiva's Eye and it represents the superior mental consciousness that favors the direct perception over the invisible worlds, and the direct perception of the subtle aspects of manifestation.

In its harmonious aspect, Ajna chakra gives great mental insight, self-control, clairvoyance, superior intuition, and extrasensorial perception.

On a physical level, it coordinates the activity of the pituitary gland and of the small brain. The hypophysis has a vital role in organism, in the sense that together with the hypothalamus they act as the command system of all other endocrine glands.

Consequently, Ajna chakra has a vital role not only in the spiritual awakening of a person, but also in the chemistry of the body.

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