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Chohan Rajpoots


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GurFateh ! to all

Here is a fascinating photograph from the National Galleries of Scotland - I must admit I find it fascinating as my surname is 'Chohan' and the description is very favourable !!! - however putting flattering subtitles to one side! - the real reason the photograph is interesting is the attire of the Chohan Rajpoots. Note the 'Dhoti' - it can be seen where the pattern of the Khalsa 'Jungee' Kacchera comes from. Also noteworthy are the Turbans with their 'Farla' like adornments, and of course the various 'Shasters'.

The photograph gives credence to the claim that Guru Gobind Singh gave the Khalsa the Royal Traditions of the Rajpoots. ( or 'Spiritual Chivalry' to use the terminology of a very much missed member of this forum!!!)

Any input from members gratefully received - on a side note, It has been argued that most 'Jatt' clans of Punjab come from Rajpoot roots eg. Sidhu-Brars, Parmar, Sandhu, Chohans, Bhullar, Gill etc - without descending into the usual Full On Caste debate/war why is that so ? is it purely a case of if a Rajpoot becomes a farmer he becomes a Jatt or is there a deeper significance - I've read it may have something to do with widow remarriage ( there being a lot of widows after Prithvi Raaj Chohan's Defeat and execution by Muhammed of Gaur in 1192)

Once again your input appreciated !

Many Thanks !

Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

Here's the picture ;


Description :

Charles Shepherd and Arthur Robertson

Chohan Rajpoots, Delhi


The Rajpoots were the highest secular Hindu caste. The Chohans, descendents of warrior princes, claimed the highest position among the Rajpoot clans. [The author of 'The People of India',] Forbes Watson described them as 'six feet and upwards in height, and stout in proportion, with strikingly handsome features, fair complexions and grey eyes'. The men are photographed in the shade to reduce the glare of the strong light reflected from the dazzling white buildings.

Accession no.PGP R 883

MediumAlbumen print

Size18.90 x 23.60 cm

SubjectsAristocracy - Documentary - Shadows

CreditGift of Mrs. Riddell in memory of Peter Fletcher Riddell 1985

Collection :

National Galleries of Scotland

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If we sew the Thorhs(a sort of fold ) of Dhoti it may be like Kachhera but Hindus wear Langot.

It is correct that when Rajput touches plaugh(hal) he is converted to Krishaka Vaishya hence Jaat.Chauhan,Solanki,Gahlaut(Gill),Tanwar(Tomar) are common Gotras between Jaats and Rajputs.

In fact lower castes like Valmiki also have similar gotras which proves that they too had Rajput ancestors forced to do menial work by invaders.

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Rajputs were a very brave people at one point of their history. It’s just during Akbars period that they lost their valor. The last great Rajput king of Rajasthan was Ranaa Partap yuof Mewar. All the other Rajput Kings began giving their daughters and sisters to the Mughals for fear of their lives. Ranaa Partap was the only REAL Sher amongst the sheep who claimed to be Rajputs of the time. Even the great Raja Maan Singh who because of his bravery and strength was considered one of the Nou Rattans, had given his sister to Akbar.

During the 1700, these Rajput Kings began writing letters to Afghan kings like Ahmad Shah Abdali, pleading to the Afghans to invade India and restore and rejuvenate the Mughal Empire with Afghan soldiers. The pre Akbar period was the golden age of the Rajputs. That is the period they lived and died like true kshatriyas.

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