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~ Faridkot Teeka of SGGS Ji in Audio ~


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Gurfateh Sadh Sangat Ji,

We are happy to announce, that audio katha of farditkot teeka of sri guru granth sahib ji will be now available for download for the sangat, this seva was completed by Nanaksar Gurdwara in Brampton, by sevadar who wished to stay anonymous.

Basically every evening from 4:30 - 6:30 pm, katha of sri guru granth sahib ji is done by faridkot teeka in hindi every day, for last 10 years or so, once it's done katha cycle starts back in, in one of the cycle, full katha of sri guru granth sahib was recorded then converted into mp3.

There are four full dvd's of farditkot teeka of sri guru granth sahib ji, since there is lack of space in our new host, we will have to put half of teeka of sri guru granth sahib ji first for couple of months for sangat to fully download it then do the rest after couple of the rests.

Uploading of audio katha will be done tom, as soon i upload it, i ll put up the .rar download links, right now i m in the process of compressing them via win rar gold edition.

Stay tuned guys !!!!!!!!!!!

More about faridkot teeka:

Faridkoti Teeka

"Teekas" (commentaries) on Guru Granth Sahib have been written in one form or other ever since the compilation of Adi Guru Durbar (also known as Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji).

However, the FIRST formal Teeka in line with the puratan (traditional) interpretation of Sikh scriptures was written by Sant Giani Badan Singh Nirmala of Dera Sekhwan at the request and encouragement of Maharaja Bikram Singh of Faridkot. This was a direct response to Ernest Trump's translation of Adi Guru Durbar in 1867 that the Puratan Sikh world found highly offensive as his Victorian interpretations of scripture.

It took Sant Giani Badan Singh Nirmala six and a half years to complete it. It was completed in 1883. This Teeka was reviewed by a committee appointed by Mahant Shamer Singh, the Head Granthi of Patna. The committee included the top Nirmala and Udhasi scholars of their time. After incorporating the comments of this committee, the first edition of this Teeka was published [funded] by the Maharaja Balvir Singh of Faridkot in 1906 which was printed by the Wazir Hind Press (started by Bhai Vir Singh) at Amritsar. The second edition of this Teeka was published by Maharaja Harinder Singh of Faridkot in 1928.

Here is download link where you can download faridkot teeka of sri guru granth sahib ji - its 99.9% samporan:


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Kam veer ji, it's about 16 gigs in total, 4 dvd's. I m using winrar to compress them...you will love to use win rar i think to uncompress it.

I would love to see- full faridkot teeka of sri guru granth sahib ji on gurmatveechar.com, what i will do is this, upload first half of teek on our new host, and second half i can send it to you via ftp or something, do pm me with ftp details though after getting agya from gurmatveechar.com

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thanks to my work place, transfer rate- 14.2 mb/s upload ... i feel like i m on super computer ..hehe..uploading sanche 3rd, and sanche 4th...after that i just need to get two files of sanche 1st, file 7 and file 69..after all the whole set will be done.

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kam, i m trying to upload sanche 3 onto the server, i have done half of it, other half in sanche 3 is not going through, getting an error. i m suspecting that gurmatveechar.com disk space is full or their recycle bin is full, please get back to me whenever you can regarding this problem.

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Rest of the files of sanche 1 are uploaded !!!

Now katha of Faridkot teeka of sri guru granth sahib has been successfully uploaded- Sanche 1, Sanche 2, Sanche 3 & Sanche 4 on Gurmatveechar server.

One small benti- singh from nanaksar who did all these recording is requesting gurmatveechar admin to add little faridkot teeka history onto the site, which was uploaded to ftp, as well to associate- nanaksar samadh samparda with - bhai seva singh ji name - eg- bhai seva singh ji (Nanaksar Samadh Samparda).

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