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What are these ?


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GurFateh !!

What are these - and where can I get some !


What are the little bells coming out of the Dumalas of these Singhs ?

You see Nihangs - usually those from Harian Velan, with these as well .

Are they attached to shasters or are they just 'For Show'? I ask that because I have a Pesh Kabz/Choora with bells like that attached to the hilt - is that what these bells are ?




I'd be grateful if anyone could explain what they are , their significance, what they are called and most importantly where I can get some - because I really want some !!

Cheers !

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the things coming out of the damallas are usually shangar (just beautification) they are little bells that can be found attached to anything from rakhri to wedding cards in india (they are usually brass - whereas the damalla ones are usually just stainless steel)

In the damalla case, they are usually attached to either boar tooths, or deer antler - refered to by singhs as dand (teeth).

I currently know of two nihangs in UK who may have some to give as ardasa, main one being Sukha Singh Akali, However I also hear that he may be setting up a little shop to supply singhs with these kinda shingars etc,

The purpose of the boar tooths have been covered in another thread in this forum somewhere..

I was given a rakri while in india, which had little golden ones (bells) actually made from gold (she was a sheri - from the city) A singh in the dal saw them on my kard and decided while offering to do seva of the kard (sharpening it and cleaning it) to help himself to the little bells.. I wasnt too botherd because he had attached them onto his chand.. so i would say they are just for beautification.

ps.. not sure if the gora singhs or hariabela singhs wear the boar tooth or if they only wear the dand made from deer/antelope antler..

Then again they probably just buy whichever one the like.. lol

im not too fond of the long chain bells or the too many bell look.. but thats just me :D

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Many Thanks for that Dynamic_Banda !

I know which bells you mean - the new trend is to have them on the red 'Gaaney' you tie on your wrist at the Vatna/Maiya ceremony at weddings

Thanks again for the info on the boar Tusks - I recently managed to buy a nice one with a silver loop so you can wear it as a 'Taveet' - I can now tie some bells to it !!


Cheers !!

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