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Vaisakhi 1980


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Gurfateh !

Here is a fascinating clip from a film, 'Die Sikhs' (The Sikhs) made by Jaroslav Poncar and Wolfgang Kohl in around 1980. I believe it was shown on German TV - I have a very bad third generation copy thats about 21 years old !.

This clip shows Vaisakhi at Anandpur in 1980 - You see the Huge Sangatan , Guru Gobind Singh Ji's weapons and lots of Nihangs - the voice-over is a little stilted - and she comes out with some strange ideas - eg. 'some say Nihangs are just farmers that don't want to work '

But other than that its a very good snapshot of the time.


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

Click link to see ;


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"non smokers festival.". akaaal what a way to advertise vaisakhi :D

im sure the goverment health organisations should sponsor vaisakhi nagar kirtans from now on !

i love the nihang introduction .. lol the funky akali with the backwards falra (very rare to see this farla nowadays as most are forwards) and the great ragras.. and the explanation of nihangs as "those who dont want to work.. :D"

Time only stands still for those who are beyond time itself .. akaalis :D

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