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1st Dhadi Jatha on Film


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GurFateh !

Here is a clip from the 1975 Dara Singh religious Film "Sava Lakh Se Ek Laraun" - It shows the singing of Dhadi Vaars - perhaps the first time a Dhadhi Jatha was seen on the Big Screen .

The Dhadi Jatha is Bhai Ajit Singh 'Mauji'

The Film is quite good (By 1970 Punjabi Film standards) - though those who like to nit-pick will see lots of anachronisms - eg. Modern day Khandas on Dastaars and on the Nishan Sahib etc and the fake beards are a bit distracting ! - But it is quite good and incorporates a number of well known Sikh Sakhis such as 'Sardars Bota Singh and Garja Singh' levying tax and establishing 'Khalsa rule'

Enjoy !!

Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

Click on link to see ;


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Dara Singh once told on TV that Niuhngs were not happy about the films and outside a theatre in Jallandher,they surrounded Dara and told that he is acting as Guru in film and saying Sava Lakh Se Ek Larhaun..

Dara Singh with due respect told them that this is not the case and requested them to see the film.Niuhngs likded that and shouted Jai Karas while seeing the film.This film shows a Singh from Hindu family and with help of Muslim village defeats the oppressing feudal lords and state supporting them.

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