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Yug Pursh Swami Parmanand


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I have 4 videos of Swami Parmanand doing katha at the kali mandir at Naded Hazoor Sahib. His Katha is brilliant. He is a nirmala and his vidya guru was Sant Dalel Singh Ji Vikirt. They are very close with Sant Sukha Singh Ji Karnal and Sant Davinder Singh Ji Taran Taran

They attend the barsi every year in Taran Taran

enjoy the first video


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I found a way on the net to download google video player files as avi

Step 1 Navigate to the Google Video that you want to download as if you were simply watching it normally.

Step 2 Click the Download button on the right side of the screen. It will ask if you want to download the Google Video Player. Click Cancel/No!.

Step 3 Click Manually download the video on the right side of the screen, under the Download button. Save this GVP file and open it with Notepad.

Step 4 If its not already on, turn on Word Wrap in Notepad by clicking the Format menu, then Word Wrap.

Step 5 In Notepad, select and copy all the text in between url

Step 6 Paste this address into your internet browser or download manager, and let the download begin!

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Mekhane'ch Jannat veer ji,

thats a kinda long way, i have a program which directly downloads the video from youtube and google. stay tuned i ll upload the program soon on the host over the weekend, in the mean time sangat can follow the steps provided by veer ji.

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