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Nanak Naam Chardi Kalaa

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guru gobind singh jee used to keep a singh with them that used to have the duty of writing a daily journal. On the way to hazoor sahib it was bhai alam singh, but singhs got into some 'rukus' on the way with moghuls and bhai alam singh attained shaheedi. THe duty was then given to another singh that continued the seva until guru gobind singh jee left their body.

In this journal it is written 'nanak naam chardi kalaa..." and "sabh sikhan ko hukam hai guru manio granth", the head guy at hazor sahib (forgot his name) has this journal is his possession to this day and gives darshan to some people when requested.

Source - Gyani Takhur Singh's sooraj prakash katha from today.

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Dear veer Gurpreet Singh Ji, thank you so much.

I have never heard of these journals before, someone needs to record the contents and publish them for us all to share before they are lost, stolen or deteriorate.

These journals could hold many answers to current maryada and historical viewpoints.

Any volunteers?

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