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Judgement day and resorection

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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

what is Gurmat's view on a future resorection of all souls, followed by a judgement day, as heard of in Islam, Christianity and judaism. whereas the earth will be destroyed, and paradise will be created for the winners, and hell for the loosers..

will this happen or not?

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Maybe its just a way to make non-Muslims/non-Christians to convert to their religion. ie: "If you dont follow us you go to hell".

Just a point: Why Judgement *DAY*? Days are manmade, according to the way Earth rotates round - Why would Akaal Purakh be limited to 24 hours? Why not 28.5 weeks etc? Akaal Purakh is timeless anyways!!!

Sikhi believes in the cycle of birth and rebirth - which is hell for Gursikhs. Heaven for a Gursikh is to leave this cycle and blend with Akaal Purakh Sahib. Souls that blend with Akaal Purakh are in bliss. Those that are not are stil lurking on Earth in one of 8.4 million forms.

Please correct me if i am wrong :$

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I believe Judgement day is the day when the person that dies must face judgement for all the misdeeds by Dhrama Raj (in Sikh terms). This is what Judgement Day is to me.

I think people get confused about Judgement Day when they see that film Terminator II?

There is a thing which the Bible calls "End Times" or End of Times. Most people believe this is the day when the world would end. But it could simply mean when everything is timeless?

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dhurum raae jub pukuras buvurae thub kiaa jubaab kuraee

When the Righteous Judge seizes you and interrogates you, O madman, what answer will you give him then? ang 77

here the sabad says abt dharam raae,so judgement days are there and im straight going to hell thats 1001 perc .... maharj kirpa karan.....

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AMg 953

ang 953

Page 953

mÚ 1 ]

mu 1

First Mehl:

nwnku AwKY ry mnw suxIAY isK shI ]

naanuk aakhai rae munaa suneeai sikh sehee

Says Nanak, listen, O mind, to the True Teachings.

lyKw rbu mMgysIAw bYTw kiF vhI ]

laekhaa rub mungaeseeaa baithaa kat vehee

Opening His ledger, God will call you to account.

qlbw pausin AwkIAw bwkI ijnw rhI ]

thulubaa pousan aakeeaa baakee jinaa rehee

Those rebels who have unpaid accounts shall be called out.

AjrweIlu Prysqw hosI Awie qeI ]

ajuraaeel furaesuthaa hosee aae thee

Azraa-eel, the Angel of Death, shall be appointed to punish them.

Awvxu jwxu n suJeI BIVI glI PhI ]

aavun jaan n sujhee bheerree gulee fehee

They will find no way to escape coming and going in reincarnation; they are trapped in the narrow path.

kUV inKuty nwnkw EVik sic rhI ]2]

koorr nikhuttae naanukaa ourrak sach rehee

Falsehood will come to an end, O Nanak, and Truth will prevail in the end. ||2||

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The semetic religions also use metaphors and concepts same as eastern religions, the only difference "was", that most followers of semetic faiths stopped seeing them as that and started interpreting literally, the same of which is true for our faith day by day, as can be seen from some of the comments above.

A priest friend of mine at Uni once made my day when he reconciled Science and the Bible in a short discussion.

I quized him on how the world could be made in 7 days, he replied "who can say how long the Lords day is", answered a lot of questions for me....

The point of any divine teaching is how to live your life in the present, not get stuck in and waste time discussing concepts for which there will never be an agreement.

Prophets of semetic faiths simply used existing concepts to make man think about his actions, it is no coincidence Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the same concepts, all of which are based on Zorasterism revelation of armagedon and named angels, the respected Zarathustra first brought forward these ideas and those of one God and rejection of ritual.

The same way Guru Sahiban have used swarg/narag, semetic concept, reincarnation etc, all concepts which already existed so that they could speak to and communicate with all types of man with all types of understanding. The core message was not to get stuck in the details, but learn to live a Gursikh jeevan, a jeevan of truth and selflessness.

Ultimately to bring Gods name to your heart mind and soul, and thus to all your thoughts, emotions and actions.


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