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Santa/Banta Singh Jokes

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I came across this site looking for information on Raagi Santa Singh Chamak.

I was very disheartened, the mainstay of this site is jokes about a character called Santa Singh, stereotyping Punjabi's, possibly Sikhs, for their lack of intelligence.

This is just an example:

Santa Singh: What is the full form of singh?

Banta Singh: S-santa I-insaan N-nahi G-gadha H-hai.

I fail to see what anybody would find funny in this, even if repeated in Hindi/Punjabi.

I had heard of this Indian attitude a few times, but am quite saddened now that I have come across this first hand.

I know some members will react to this with their unintelligible and patronising "Tyar par Tyar" and "Rehit Police" remarks, none the less I find jokes like the one above offensive, and if not direct, it is certainly constitutes indirect propoganda, especially as Sikhs are disproportionately doing so well in nearly all academic fields in India.

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Dear shahidiyaan veerji, previously I tried to start a topic " conspiracy to joke sardarz in media, tv, newspapers etc" in the same sub-forum, as below:


The purpose of the same has been to highlight the deepest conspiracy behind these things, in which many of our community members are also directly or indirectly indulged, whatsoever may be reason thereof. The time's meed is to face & counter such things on each & every platform.

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This is the 'freedom of speech' and 'democracy' in action.. Such injustice r everyday thing in India.. Sikhs have become desensitized to these kind of things for the most part.. but there is no question it is extremely hurtful for many and this has no place in the civilized world as much as all other acts of hatred.. Glad to hear they are being dealt with an iron-fist of the justice system.. late is better than never!

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