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Khanda Deh Amrit

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Lately I've been thinking am I ever going to take Khanda Deh Amrit. I've also been asking myself what does it mean to be an Amritderhi and would I ever take it in this life time? Do I need to take it? I dont mean anything by this.

What is the meaning of Khalsa if it says in Aad Guru Granth Sahib, "‘Oh Kabir, they have become Khalseh [attained salvation], those who have known Prem Bhagat [love of devotion to God].’

Maybe I'm asking questions I ready know the answer to it but haven't got the strength to say it?

Some people say Amrit takes you.

I've even heard that Guru Gobind Singh Ji said who ever trims his beard, consider that person in being a sheep. Does this mean Amritderhi Sikhs who have broke the code?

But even Guru Ji said in Sarbloh Guru Granth, "If every hair of the body were to attain a tongue, even then the praises of the Khalsa cannot be said. "

It seems like im getting people to force me into it? I dont know?

I hope I didnt upset anyones beliefs. I've loved this journey so far, I dont know if im going to take amrit in this life? Guru Ji even said you need patience.

Something I also came across today.

‘One time the complete being [Guru Gobind Singh] said these words:

“In a hundred years my Panth [Khalsa] will reach adulthood. As adulthood increases and [Panth] matures, many are the vices that are found. Which vices?

All castes will force their way into the Sikh nation, even the Malesh [filthy]. All the bad people will force their way into the Sikh nation. They will look like Sikhs but their actions will be of thieves, deceivers and Malesh. To look at, they will be Sikhs but, their actions will be of evil with the forbidden five [5 cults, ie. the Dhir Malia, Ram Rais, Masands, and Minas]. Those, cutting their hair who have become apostate [from the Khalsa faith] will have relations, and believe in the five Pirs [Muslim holy men]. Not trustworthy, misers, known as slanderers, evil persons, highway men, Guruless, speakers of evil words, etc., such [characters] in appearance they will seem as intelligent wise Sikhs”.’

(‘Rehitnameh’, Piara Singh Padam, Pa.121-122)


I havent even taken Amrit, does this include me?

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Dear Rupz,

I rmember when i was younger I searched for 2 months through scripture and net disucssions intensely to find my answer. Amrit is a requirement for a Sikh. Please don't think that I'm trying to pressure you, I'm not, only take it when you're ready. It forms a link to the guru that non-Amritdharees don't have. Read Bhai Gurdass Ji's Vaars for more information. I guarantee it will answer your question in a crystal clear manner. Unfortunately, I've forgotten which specific part it is. When you find it, please let me know. The Gurbani in there is very convincing.

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In my humble and personal experience:

One searches for Khande da Amrit when one can no longer live without their Guru. Then, all the if's, but's and various for & against discussions all disappear, all one wants is his Guru's charan, to leave behind the I, me, my and give their life to their Guru, live their life for Guru.

One no longer wants their own personality and traits, but those of their Guru, they want to live for their Guru's hukums, and doing so, emulate him (to the best of their ability), this is when "Khalsa mera roop hai kaas" comes into being, not just the appearance, but the thoughts, actions and jeevan.

When one wants to be born again, leave this baggage behind, to be given the gift of Gurmantar and Mul-mantar by their Guru, to shed the evil of negative discrimination by sharing Amrit with all those present...

To be made a true "Singh" of the Guru (rather than one of inherited middle family name), to take the internal vow of discipline that will enforce recitation of his holy name day in day out, which will bless one with experiencing Guru's bani every amrit vela and every evening...

To be a son of the Guru, and feel/exerience/live that utter completeness, which only having Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj as your true father can provide.

To live every day with hope and courage knowing you have your fathers protection and guidance..

To wear his uniform and know that we have a responsibilty to our selves, to the panth and to our father - by way of every thought that comes to our mind, word that comes out of our mouth and act we commit.

In my mind, we can read, debate, be academics, historians, be warriors, be samaratans (?), but we can only understand what it means to be a Singh (for those who chose to) by merging with our Guru (becoming part of his parvaar) - taking his amrit, seeing him/hearing him in the form of the Panj Pyare, drinking that sweetened water which has become magnetised through the pyaar and power of the Gurbani being recited by 5 Singhs, conducted through the holy Iron....

The intoxication of the amrit is all powerful, and if it is preserved through truthfully following your Guru's hukum, will become more and more powerful over your lifetime....

Please don't think this is a plug or "your dammed if you don't" post. It's just a simple personal experience and understanding, which I thought may be useful for the poster and be appropriate for Vasakhi.

In my humble opinion, one has to really love and want to meet their Guru (as did the panj pyare), for khande da amrit to make it's true impact, I don't think it should be taken under pressure or confusion.

Taking amrit was the most powerful, beautiful, emotional and life changing day of my life.

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fat-heh

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