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Articles on Sevapanthis


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Right these are articles i wanted to give to tsingh years ago for his sewapanthi site but never ever got around to doing so due to my lazyness.

On this thread i will be posting numerous articles on sevapanthis which are found in the Ajooni magazines realesed monthly by Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji Bedi. I hope people enjoy them and voice their opinions on the articles themselves in case they see any faults in them so that i can convey the views back to the origin

The first is a three page introduction to the link of Baba Sahib Singh Ji Bedi and the Sewapanthi Samparda. This article is written by Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji Bedi from the Ajooni Magazine in July 2005. Enjoy




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The following is an article from the Ajooni magazine from January 1984, i apologise for the old paper it is written on. The article is was sach khand vasi Mahant Nischall Singh Ji Seva Panthi. I think this will be the last article i can find by the seva panthis in the ajooni magazines.





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I'm interested by the Mahant Tirath Singh on Baba Sahib Singh Bedi article, but that image host site is crazed...it could be kam's way of giving out hidden mystical teachings, but whenever I open anything all these betting poker adverst come up, and I can't see the text very clearly at all ('maya is so clear yet the sant's bachan is not, change your perception, see through the illusion oh pale one').

On the issue of Baba Sahib Singh Bedi, all the Sevapanthis at his time LOVED him. Bhai Dukhbhanjani, a very famous sevapanthi describes 'Guru Sahib Singh' as the avtar of Satiguru Gobind Singh Ji, drawing affinity with his dress and his mindset (in Sri Sant Rattan Mala).

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I believe the accolade given by bhai Dukh Bhanjan is based on the blessing given to baba kaladhari by guru gobind singh ji with regards to the birth and stature of sahib singh bedi. He said "your grandson will be my 'ansha' avatar". This could be a story that was created after the fact, but I am leaning towards this story because there are instances in history where people have had blessings from the guru and they have continued and remained. I don't believe there is a semi-mystical VIP lounge where all the sikhs who have had blessings meet or sit down...

as for the poker adverts, they are testing our greed, lets just be happy that it isn't the porn stuff that usually comes up....(oops, that doesn't happen to anyone else??)


ps. ansha avtar (from my memory) is a charismatic leader who does raaj

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sorry t singh i will post the articles again larger, let me know if you want any e mailing to anyone else, i have made some of these as pdf files.

ansa avtar is where a manifestation rules over his kingdom and treats all as their 'ans' (offspring) and look after them as a parents tends to the need of their children

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