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Mukat Nama


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Can anyone confirm these are indeed the correct translations of the Mukat Nama?


extracted from Life and Ideals of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

by S.S. Kohli

Litsen, O GurSikh!

Do not borrow, but if forced by circumstances you have to borrow, return the debt faithfully.

Make thy spouse comfortable and remain a good citizen.

Never tell lies,nor litsen to them nor be fascinated towards them.

Always practice Truth and remain in the company of the Truthful people and act Truthfully in the profession adopted by you.

Do not eat the leavings of others. Share thy meal with others but do not eat when your head is not covered.

While taking meal, repeat the Name of the Lord, Waheguru.

Do not see a naked woman, nor keep her form in your memory.

Do not touch another's wealth and keep away from evil company.

Do not eat any meat.

Do not fall a prey to corrupt practices and lead a noble life.

Take a bath in cold fresh water in the early hours of the morning.

Do not keep thy body naked while asleep.

Remember the Name of the Lord, Waheguru.

Take the pahul (nectar) of the Guru and act according to the dictates of Guru Granth Sahib.

Marry a daughter in the house of a Sikh.

Keep thy spouse and children out of the company of evil-minded persons and while doing odd jobs of the house,

recite the mantra of the Guru.

Do not accept any other offering of worship except the Karaha Prasad. Only accept the offering being distributed by the sewadar.

The sewadar should distribute the offering equally among the Sikhs present in the congregation. Whosoever violates this shall be punished.

The Sikh shall receive the offerings without leaving their seat......

Keep one tenth of thy earnings for the Guru and use the remaining for yourself and your family.

Do not weep on the death of a relative but recite Anand and distribute Karaha Prasad in the congregation.

Keep thy hair, the seal of the Guru, intact on thy body.

Do not worship the stone (idol) and do not follow the falsehood of varna (caste) and ashrama (the stages of life).


Nanak Raaj Chalaa-i-aa Sach Kot Sataanee Neev Dai.

Nanak Established Rule by raising the Fort of Truth on the Strongest Foundations.

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I have listned to muktinama and by and large that seems correct but somethings maybe from a akj point of view, cos " do not touch any meat" is not as black and white as it is above,

do not keep body naked while asleep should really read make sure that your kashera is on, and that you always keep a spare handy. There are many other things not to do with your head uncovered ie wear shoes, read bani.

these are the only slight additions i can think of. the meat issue explanation on gurmat veechar i beleive is the correct one.

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go to www.gurmatveechar.com and look under katha for Giani Thakur Singh of Patiala and its in his list of recordings. Giani Thakur Singh and Bhai Pinderpal Singh are two very good kathakar, and i would advise everyone to listen to Saka Nankana Sahib by Bhai Pinderpal Singh. Top stuff.

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