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A cheeky favour

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Has anyone got to hand the gurmukhi version of Baba Sri Chand's Sri Matra. I've only got a dodgy romanised version. I need the correct spelling for the 11th verse and can't be arsed to leave the house. Anyone?

thanks in advance.

bhai saab ji please elaborate on what Baba Sri Chand Ji's Sri Mantra is? and please post your dodgy romanized one :D

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no time to say anything other than it is perhaps Baba Sri Chand most important composition (there are others)...it is similar in style to that section in Sri Japuji Sahib in which maharaj compares virtues to the external form of a yogi. Udasis (I presume still do) read it daily,sometimes its sung in the morning aarti, its short and punchy. Gyan Ki Godri and Preet Pitambar, Man Mrigshala are a couple of bits I can recall off the top of my head. Gives you some idea. Oh and Guru Avinashi, which is the controversial bit .Any book on punjabi will have it in no doubt.

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