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Sikh Warriors/Sant Sipahis Wanted!

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I m a newcomer here. found this very important place to talk bout our religion.

i have been observing the activities of many fanatic/fundamentalist religious groups and people . i found that sikhs r getting dull mentaining their values.

especially the one settled abroad!

I m in US and have been across many sikhs who have developed the attitude 'SANU KI' . kuchh vi hoye magar sanu ki, we r not interested bcoz we dont want to mess up.

this means that as we get higher education and better lifestyle, we will turn our back to our culture? no , no way.

sikhs r losing power and their strong hold on indian society. reason being that the aggressiveness sikhs had once is fading.

sikhism does not ONLY means playing tabla , harmonium in gurudwara , doing paath and reciting GURU GRANTH SAHIB n sakiyaan . there is more to b done or u will not see any sikh in next 50 yrs in US , UK. u will just find cut surd punjabis which will then b reduced to hindus in another 100 yrs.

then who is going to preserve us.

when i see christian missionaries, groups like shiv sena , bajrang dal, muslim movements, i just feel that we r going numb n impotent. we need warriors /agressive soormey to peel off anyone who stands against sikhism. We need to get our strong status back, hold it , enhance it.

gotta do something together

lets do it now!

wat do u say?

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The image of the elder sikh generation is narrow mindied.

Im 21 yrs old. The elder generation mostly, (not all) have not set us a good image.

We need to break this image of sardars being thick etc. We are not, we have some of the most intellect people among us.

We are the first to publish out religious book on the net. A sardar invented Fibre Optics. We are indeed very smart people.

Also this image of a clean shaven sikh, got to chage the image, we need to show people that sardars are cool, we know how to chat to others, chill out and yet still be happy in our reht.

To break this is not going to be easy. But if you think about it, get all the good knowledge from the elder generation, cos when they die, they will hopefully take that image.

We can set up a better image, We have already done so by eliminating caste. Im sure that most sikhs here will not care what "caste" their children will marry.

So slowly, in one or two generations lets change this image.

In the meantime expand your understanding of Sikhi. Learn, if someone asks a question, no matter how dumb, lets try to get some answers rolling. This is an excellent place to do that, as we can deeper our understanding.

sorry for the long post.

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Kaur ji,

Thats why we set up this sikh youth site for the youths..

So please bring some more youths. Do some seeva ji....do advertisment, promotion.. do whatever bring the youths in here...lol...we defo need some... :LOL:

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Alot of this site is about DEBATING which i know is the point yeah - i know - but unless i knew sumthing about my p.o.v yeah... then i wud just think politcs init.

I think this is a gr8 site yeah... but what do the YOUTH gain from it....!! I mean the youth as if in ppl hu dont knwo much about their heritage....????

The inspirational sec is wikid...

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Fateh Joga Singh, i agree that if people can meet cool, but we are all in differnt parts of the world.

Im from england.

Let use the tech, emails, wap, texts as well as meeting up.

But what is to be the aim. I replied to a PM by FatehSingh saying that we should start small, then slowly grow.

if people want my msn, just PM me.

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It's all the oldies fault, they have failed you! It is by good chance that most of your are still Sikhs today! Forget the old generation, they are useless! YOU individually MUST stand up and be counted, teach your kids Sikhism and teach them well, make them proud of their history, make them aware of what it means to be Sikh, no not just Khalsa, hair and all that stuff, but about Sikhism being the best religion, also forget about this all religions being equal BS, this is a lie, Guru said ALL people are equal regardless of religion, not that all religions are equal! If this was the case, then why make Sikhism? Use your brains, teach your kids SCIENCE and SIKHISM, teach them not to accpet anything without proof, that way no Christian missionary can trick them! As a Scientist no religious idiots can fool me, before I was often confused about which is the true religion, because I couldn't think for myself! Now I can, which is why I know the truth... It's not to late, let all of us make the effort to teach our Kids Sikhism!

Kind Regards,


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so who is teaching the kids then....

ost of us aare kids on this site.....

i ghet what u r saying yeah but (FatehKhalsa Ji has rubbed off on e now) ACTION MUST BE TAKEN...!!!

Send letters to all the skools....

Bring ppl into Sikhi - cuz suming mashed is gna happen...!!!!!!!!!

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I feel that it is fair to say, that much of the older generation did not take their sikhi to another level because they had other intension such as raising the family making money etc.

We are fortunate enough to be at a stage where hopefully money is not to be a big problem. (But it probably will :( )

To right off the older generation is wrong as they will appoint the leaders in most gurdwara's etc. Keep it sweet with them. Nod and smile. When you get the power, feel the power to do something good. And this will come with wahegurus grace.

lets learn as much good as we can from the older generation. They have lived in the world and have experience.

But the question arsises is, how to start??? (we've made a start, but now comes crunch time. The do's will emerge whilst others will fade)

If you are at school, as the principle, dean etc about doing an activity relating to sikhi. This will start a good relationship with you pripciple/dean.

We could, in fact as to do a charity event. Eg, sponser bike ride (been done in england), feed the homeless etc....

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