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Sant Isher Singh Ji's diary?


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Does anyone know if it is possible to get copies of Sant Isher Singh Ji's diary? Apparently they wrote of their own personal experiences with simran, Gursikhi etc. It would be interesting to read how they performed simran and developed so much pyaar for Maharaj Ji - it's easier to get directions from someone who's been where we want to go init?

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Pray truth for all and Sat Sri Akal!!!

I went to Rara Sahib recently. At Rara Sahib , every thing that baba Ji wore or used has been collected in some sort of museum. shoes, clothes , moonglian etc its all there. Cant help thinking what would Baba Ji do, if he were alive? Keep it here soo people can bow to it, or give it to those people who need it. Scores of chapla etc , are there.

I put my hand on a moongli to see how heavy it was. The sewadaar got angry and said " why you touching? just do your matha and move on. I said, i aint even gonna do my matha now, and left.

God, those people have realy got thier heads up thiere butts. I aint gonna go there aghain in a hurry.

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To be honest Chatanga, their other Asthaans - at Dhablan and Hapur are more in keeping with Sant Ji's teachings in respect to how the Sewadars behave, amongst other things. But i still wouldn't paint everyone with the same brush - every place has its good and bad.

Saying that, the important thing is to learn from the lives and teachings of the Mahapursh - a glimpse of which can be obtained from their diary (the subject of this thread.....) which contains priceless information regarding how to do Simran and live as a Gursikh.

Also, if everyone started touching the stuff there it would get worn out - but the Sewadar should have been polite - Nimrita and Mithaas was always stressed by the Mahapursh.

Another thing is that "crowd control" in India is impossibly hard - I once had the opportunity to be a Pehradar at a Gurdwara near Delhi - it was a busy day and within an hour I was ready to fight someone........

When you say "God, those people have realy got thier heads up thiere butts." are you refering to everyone there? There are people there who have spent their whole lives in bhagti or sewa, often sacrificing everything to do so. I don't know about you, but I'm not even equal to dust of their feet.

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