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Being a Jatee

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I was talking to a Giani about the state of being a jatee

and he mentioned there are 8 ways that energy is lost by actions of sex.

However, he didn't go into what these were - i know two, seeing kaami objects/pictures and the act itself..

But i don't know the others.

The logic behind knowing this is, that by knowing them maybe we can find it slightly easier to fight kaam - as we'll know what we're facing against.

Please treat this thread as a serious topic.


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I'm going to move this to Formal Debates and Discussions forum.

First I think its important to not see Sex in a Negative light. The moment we create this negative association then soon you are repulsed by the thought of Sex and even Angry that such thoughts are entering your mind. Its just becomes a slippery slope after that and we being to repress the thought of sex. When this energy is repressed it becomes more aggressive.

The approach from what I understand is Giyaan and/or Dhyaan.

Whenever Kaam is awakening you can always feel (if you are aware of what is happening and not lost in Lust) a build up of energy in the lower region of the body. Knowing that energy is has no polarity, it is neutral but it is our mind and thoughts that direct this energy into being creative or destructive. Can we not redirect this energy consciously? By simply ignoring the thoughts of Sexuality and focusing on the energy that is being built up. Or are Thoughts and Sexuality directly correlated? Perhaps Controlled thoughts are need to awaken the energy?

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