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  2. Typical Leftie virtue signalling in this video. Nothing wrong with the arms industry. Either you are in it or not. Those who forsake arms will be enslaved by internal or external foes.When you are in the arms manufacture industry the only thing you should ensure is that the damn things work properly and don't jam,backfire or malfunction while in battle.Those who "pretend" to worry about morality and "women&children" should go sit in some buddhist temple. Weapons ARE the only thing that can ensure the safety and wellbeing of women&children. Those who are unable to arm theirselves will face ethnic cleansing,mass rape & genocide. Gun control is a huge thing in the west now.Watch and see what happens when they give up their guns in America,they will end up just like the White South Africans, rape&murder victims in their own country.
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  4. SGPC has a great Puratan kirtan collection for download http://sgpc.net/puratan-kirtan/
  5. Sometimes to remove our dirt flith from the soul a small amount like 1kg of washing powder won't work so we have to increase the number. Similary Waheguru Guru Sahib is making us connected with repeated messages of how bad the panj chor 5 vices are for a jeev aatma.
  6. Nowdays i usually like more punjabi comedy jokes as i have cut down a lot on english language media. But i still like the simpsons,south park,king of the hill as they still make me laugh.
  7. Very good thread veer ji and worth listening to hear about bhai sahib jis jeevan
  8. Thanks very much please do update as Sant Jagjit Singh Ji are very lucky to have had darshan of Baba Jawala Singh Ji and are one of the most knowledgeable gurmukhs i have listened to.
  9. Veer ji you are 100% right and its a lovely thread you have made. Baba Harnam Singh Ji Rampurkhera Wale always used to have partakh darshan of Guru Sahib Ji after taking doing ardas and hukamnama.
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  11. Importance of taking Hakumnama, cannot be emphasized enough! Satguru speaks to everyone from its illahi bani, this is clear as a light in taking Hakumnama, lets quickly contemplate what happens- Gyani ji, individual and sangat do ardas infront of maharaj, then gyani ji sits on tabia with clear Awareness of maharaj saroop, he/she via clear awareness without mental noise, preconditioning or thought, pre conceived notions or emotions turns very effortlessly and spontaneously picks up and read ang arbitrarily. At that moment - its jagad jot- supreme awareness(supreme atma) of sri guru granth sahib ji helps jot-jiv atma to pick up and read ang of satguru maharaj for mass sangat, individual and guide them accordingly. This is miracle in itself - this is my freinds pure evident divine at play where supreme awareness-JOT works and operates very freely in a very clear pristine way via mere mortals and provide them with direct answers, insights, epiphanies, revelations-guidance for mass sangat or customized for individual. This is really helpful for everyone, especially for seekers with this guidance of hakumnama- it makes them more receptive towards outer and inner Satguru and makes them more introverted in the path and gets them out of conceptual sand box of egoic mind/mental noise. Small clip from bhai sukha singh:
  12. Doesn't every last western white person not actually realise that this is what their society does as a norm politically? And have been doing for centuries. I know you'll get a few simple-minded 'special needs' type that truly can't see through the 'gorment' propaganda (like we didn't have hordes of these in our own community during the colonial period), but I'm pretty sure every last one of them outside of this knows what is going on and sort of keep an unspoken agreement to never speak of it. On another note, should our Panjab itself also invest and build up an arms manufacturing industry for economic reasons? We had one previous to goray turning up.
  13. I watched it a bit NE0, I didn't find it that funny. Maybe I watched the wrong video? (will try some more) I grew up in England. At this stage of my Iife I find that I like my humour seriously dark and twisted. It's got to be offensive on some level. lol This just seems like white girls saying what every woke man knows (or should know!) about white men but still enjoying all the perks and privileges. Now, if they grabbed one and beat him about the head with a pool cue and then rammed it up his ar5e ala Sopranos, and filmed that - then I'd be impressed. Plus these aussies: those b1tches great grandpa was probably some serial paedo rapist that the english loaded up on a 'transport' boat over here and shipped out over there in the 1800s. I prefer stuff like Andrew Schulz, Jimmy Carr, Jim Jefferies (even that Canadian b1tch Katherine Ryan who seems to have made a full time career off british comic panel shows) and whatnot. Paul Chowdhry is good too, but you never know when these brown b@stards are going to sell out their roots for the next big upward move of the career ladder - but probably more likely is them reaching that point in their 'ascent' that the average brown c**t at ground level (who used to be their bread and butter) can't relate to them anymore. Just like that 'Superwoman' from your country. {That's an example of the kind of warped humour I like btw!]
  14. I am going to have to look at the old archives in old hard drive which i will not be get to at least until next weekend. So please bare with me.
  15. Okay thanks for letting me know..i will look into it shortly.
  16. Thank you for this one. It is more clear than any of the previous ones for a ' niyaana' like me. Thanks. now i may find my steps further.
  17. Thanks Neo but the two following ones are missing from there as well: Here are the answers: Right click and save target as: http://www.gurmarag.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/discussion with sant jagjit singh ji part 6.mp3 Here are the answers: Right click and save target as: http://www.gurmarag.net/SikhAwareness/Audi...last%20part.mp3 Message to Sikh youths http://www.gurmarag.net/SikhAwareness/Audi...kh%20youths.mp3
  18. All recording are downloadable from the link below http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2F02_Present_Day_Katha%2FBaba_Jagjit_Singh_(Harkhowal_wale)%2FDiscussions_Questions_and_Answers
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  20. Links are all broken, can they be uploaded somewhere else? The youtube links from pt2 to part3 seem to skip the 6th and 7th recordings as per the thread. @sarabatam if you have the originals can you put them on soundcloud or something?
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