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  1. Khalistan "movement" (if there ever was?? because a movement involves a considerable participation and support from people.) has become to be associated with Sikhs as Sikh Extremist Movement, cleverly promoted by biased media, the media over which unfortunately Sikhs had no control. I sometimes can not help laughing at sheer ignorance of a few westerners, who occasinally pass careless remarks on Sikhs but at the same time i have met some really knowledgeably people from west, who have tried to understand sikh philosophy all by themselves because Sikhs have spent very little time creating awareness about Sikhism to the global masses other than for wrong reasons. Ofcourse we do not seek converts and seldom have missionaries but still awareness has to be created otherwise ignorance takes over. On the positive note Sikhs now seem to have waken up to reality.
  2. ** simply beautiful ** Thanks for sharing this jewel... Best Regards
  3. Everyone including Guru Ji seem to putting on a black mala like object. What is that ? Can anyone put some light on it ? Thanks
  4. Where can i find above tukks in Gurbani... it would interesting to read the whole shabad rather than a line taken out of context...
  5. Kentucy Fried "chicken" and the writer says the word chicken does not figure even one in their menus. LOL !!
  6. Please PM me your email, so that an invitee can be sent to you. Regards
  7. Gurfateh dear Kam, Can you please give us step by step instructions as to how we can access the hub... That would be really useful for people like myself who do not know how to access it. Thanks in Advance.
  8. Haanji Many happy returns for the day !! So, you enjoyed a lot !! God Bless !! Regards
  9. I would request the sikhawareness administrator to make this thread sticky as well as show it prominenetly on main sikhawareness page if not already done. Thank You, Best Regards
  10. Choochweet !! Babies are a beautiful miracle and when i hold my 3 month old baby in my hands and then i realise that life is truly a miracle of Waheguru... Let us enjoy the miracle of Life !!
  11. LoL !! Sikhnet.com is wonderful & very rightly said "open your own forums." ... and 'inspired' by sikhnet.com's rigid moderation poilicy, i have already setup a Sikh Interfaith Forum at SPN open to people from all world religious backgrounds coming under one stage and exploring their philosophies... Sorry, did not want to reply but could not resist my temptation but one thing intrigues me most is that sikhnet.com is perhaps a site where rehat maryada is followed quite strictly so to make a hue & cry of one or two isolated cases does not seem to be justified. Anayways, as my dear friend Neo Singh ji would agree moderation is a double edged sword, a thankless job... you can never keep everybody happy. Best Regards
  12. Ghosts seem to be afraid of humans these days... probably humans are more scary things these days than ghoshts... i hardly ever saw them... but i am surprised to realise there common occurance in bed time stories...
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