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  1. Meh, Another 1D10T on the chopping board.......who now gets to eat ID kheer and perhaps beef kebabs
  2. I download quite a few of Sant Ishar Singhs kathas but none of them are clear . I hope the new ones are a bit clearer?
  3. It was very tense watching the chase. I probably lost a kilo or two due to the tension. Never knew you are a cricket fan Neo ! I thought you are more into ice hockey like other CBCD's
  4. It bugs me too, why couldn't he wear a Khanda or Ik Onkar? Maybe because nobody gifted that to him? But I have never seen him even talk about Sikhism before let alone promote it, and he has been dating Hindu chicks all along so I am not sure if he even wants to associate himself with Sikhism .
  5. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Harbhajan-attributes-success-to-sant-meets-him/articleshow/7871258.cms http://www.indianexpress.com/news/yuvis-special-person-saints-at-fatehgarh-sahib-gurdwaras/771186/
  6. He thanked A certain Guru Ram Singh and Guru Ajit Singh during the closing ceremony. Not sure who they are but they are from Fatehgarh Sahib me thinks. Harbhajan also visited their dera.
  7. Shahid Afridi is a certified Idiot. Who else would try to eat a ball and dance on the pitch He has lost whatever little respect he had. Making stupid statements to earn some brownie points with muslim fanatics .
  8. Data doesn't look correct to me PNG is the worst followed by some African nations
  9. The first post was ok but the rest were mostly igno-rants. www.cricforum.com is good or cricket news & discussion.
  10. I'd say the right time to marry is whenever you can handle one!
  11. I meant that maybe West's view on religion is bleak due to all the problems caused by "islamic fanatics" all over the world. The question was not about God, it was about religion.
  12. I wonder if it will make a big difference if they removed Islam from the equation?
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