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  1. Above is good advice. Would an intervention or referral to mental health services be something to consider (which could simultaneously tackle substance misuse)? Here are some good links to services: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/drugs/Pages/caring-for-a-drug-user.aspx http://www.talktofrank.com/ http://www.gamcare.org.uk/forum?f=20 http://gamanon.org.uk/
  2. Would you like to organise a Sikhi Camp? Free Sikhi Camp Resources available at our Two Servers: http://rajkaregakhal...t/downloads.htm and http://sikhee.com/downloads.html RajKaregaKhalsa.Net & Sikhee.com The sites that were first in bringing you http://Youtube.com/Sikhi 33.4 Million views 15800 Subscribers View Gurbani with all of our mp3 downloads so you can easily read translations Translated Videos to easily learn Gurbani Punjabi & Gurmukhi learning resources Presentations, Games, Literature and much, much more... All available for free - Self-funded project - no donations taken Raj Karega Khalsa Network
  3. FB has waayy too many weirdos!!!.. On FB females get a lot of random messages... FB is not a place to learn about dharam lol... SA is all about Quality not Quantity
  4. V true Its crazy! People are like sheep. Everyone needs some group to cling to lol When there's too many Sikhs in one area, they become very divisive.
  5. i found this news article to be SO funny ! Not eating halal is haraam but the term "loon haraami" means nothing to some people lol
  6. lol sounds good! i do love dhabba food!
  7. Hope ur enjoying English life! Maybe we need to spice things up ?
  8. Better to face death than be treated as dogs

    1. dalsingh101


      sadly, most of the western world (probably rest of it too?) seems to have died a death of conscience. We have become drones....

  9. Singh no doubt being out of work is hard. It demotivates and bums people. But thats the time you gota take charge and take responsibility of your life and your destiny. If someone wont offer you work, find it. There are many less professional jobs that can be done until you find your feet again Career-wise. Gain new skills that are more in demand. Muster up the courage and set up your own business. Something with less set-up costs. Make this a long-term project. Bro without divulging my personal life on here, believe me I've been kicked down a lot harder and lower than most people I come across. We all have doubts until we accept it is our own shortcomings in not being stronger, bolder, smarter and walking the walk by carrying ideas through to completion. GurKirpaa i've turned this around. 3/5 major life steps taken and Guru Maharaj is supporting me through each one.
  10. received this email, just thought i'd share it:
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