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2012, Golden Age, Aquarius Age, World War, Khalsa Raj Etc.

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don't listen to anything stated by Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri.............Yogi Bhajan.

When he came to Malasiya once he went to the biggest Gurdwara their and he told all the moneh to get out of the Gurdwara.

Huhh very good that is...which is far a comparison to that of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bindranvale who would say moneh you come and sit close to me and the Singh's go back a bit.

Don't listen to any so called Sants' giving future predictions such as the coming of Sant Isher Singh Jee and so on. Ive grown old hearing of so many wonderous second comings. My personal future predictions for the near futire are the complete collapse of the European Union resulting in famine, joblessness and a lot more wars for economic supremacy and more terrorizing of Muslims. I predict China to be dangerous. But the show must continue. Dont forget after WW2 there was the 60's aswell.

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Come on Pali, dont be like that. Prophecies always come true - Maharajah Duleep's zombie is going to go to Russia one day and convince the Tsar to invade India and liberate Punjab just like the Sants said in the 80s. The 1880s.

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With due respect to all gyanis and mahapurukhs to whatever they have said, yet that much this das will add, it is that, this our present birth is the best of all ages, for we are born as human beings, thus have the chance to engage ourselves in His bhakti and become one with Him.

That is it.

To what profit is for us any yuga, if we are not humans in it, and be in any other joonee ... 

So let us not get deluded by anyone.

The best is today and now what we have, for He has blessed us with human birth, to make the most of Bhakti and merge in Him.

Sat Sree Akal.


Gurbani tells us: Ik gharee na miltay ta Kalyug hota.

Those moments, those hours, those days, in which our Beloved Waheguru is not in our thougts, is all as good as Kaliyug, maya, mirtyu ... on the other hand, even in the darkest yuga, if He, the embodiment of Truth, of Sat, of Sach,  is in our chit, then those moments, those hours, those days are accounted as Satyuga for us.

The question is, whether we have Him with us,  or have maya, means to have everything, but not Him.

The choice is ours.

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