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Favorite Kirtanis

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What is your favorite Kirtan track, kirtani style and raag?

I prefer traditional raag. Darbari is my favorite and from the Guru Granth Sahib lists of raag it is the Asavari that is my fave..

Bhai Rai Singh from Patna is amongst my favorite kirtanis. You can hear one of this mind blowing performances here:



I used to be quite narrow minded years ago saying that Kirtan can only be performed in raag. But i've loosened up in recent years and also enjoy the occasional cultural 'popular kirtan'. It was also a bit weird having to distance myself from all the kirtan tracks I grew up listening to from an early age as my mom used to play them in the house.

What about you guys?



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hands down I love Acapella Jatha. They are sisters I think... I realize their sound may not be traditional but I get shivers listening to them.

Google Acapella Jatha's video on youtune for Ho Bal Bal Jao  (the video has a blue background with a khanda) and you will see what I mean.

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