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  1. Lets say Im a pakistani Jatt as you claim I am - so what does that prove? How does that help you better understand my questions? The only reason I'm not mentioning my religion, is that those people who can't answer the questions hide/ dodge that by then asking questions about my faith. I didn't come here to debate but to have a discussion on Sikhism. I take truths from all faiths actually. What interested me about Sikhism, I was told Sikhs believe there is truth in all religions, however, they believe their religion is the most perfect of them all. So I was intrigued and started to ask qu
  2. My own religion is of no consequence as I'm not here to preach or convert anyone. I'm here to learn and understand different religions. I'm asking questions about Sikhism to Sikhs, rather than making up my own conclusions. Islam is the fastest growing religion is Europe as mentioned by Amardeep. Please refer to his posts as they seem better thought out than yours. I've put some videos of other religious chanting Gods name: Hindu / jainism / Bhuddism Buddhist: Christian: Being the largest religion in the world, Christians
  3. Sorry I've not had the chance to go on the internet for a while, just saw the comment thought I'd at least reply to it. Mr Guest, having a viewpoint that disagrees with the common narrative or status quo is not biased. I don't need to give a lesson on language. How exactly have I insulted or offended anyone here ? Please do elaborate ? " the pure emphasis on Gods name alone as sanctifying/saving a person is only mirrored in Gaudy Vaishnavas in Bengal" - seriously brother. You really need to learn about other faiths, and not in a biased way. Christians say the name of Jesus as a
  4. @ chatanga1 Sorry missed your reply; Which successful religions are you using in your comparison? Those would be the ones with over a billion followers - namely Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, - I left out Hinduism simply because it failed to spread largely outside its country of origin esp. in the last 1000 years. you don't feel that status given to females or the lowcastes/kuffar being regarded as equal before Waheguru irrespective of their beleifs? Please see my above reply, the status given to women is at best theoretical. It seems to work in theory in India where women still play the obed
  5. Well yes I do, from personal observation and from the empirical experience of other Sikhs that I have spoken to. Also from my study of the faith scripture. Now I did say, "there are many religious Sikhs that are deeply religious because of their faith" so I'm not doubting that there are religious Sikhs. However on the majority I see a cultural affinity and a one sided arbitrary historical narrative that gives some credence towards an religious "identity". There is an "idealism" of Sikhism that is taught but Sikhs in practice terms fall short of this. To give you an recent example I witnessed
  6. This is an interesting topic. Simply from a anthropological perspective. As a non Sikh, simply looking at it this historical angle, and how religions spread I would state the following in regards in Sikhism. 1) From a theological perspective, Sikhism didn't offer anything radically different. In a country with a vast Hindu and Muslim populous - Sikhism (for the first 3 centuries) tries to combine Sufi Islamic mysticism with aspects of Hindu beliefs. The Hindu influence can be seen from the later Gurus - this dichotomy causes schisms within the tradition. Thus hinders rapid growth that is in
  7. Thanks satkirin, I will read and try to understand your view and then get back to you.
  8. @Paapiman. well it could be my brain, but i've come to a Sikh forum to try and understand. The reason I said I said SIKHISM has a problem of not defining what God is because there are so many interpretations of what you think God is. He is one, he can be many, He can't be born or die, but he was born and died several times. would be suprised if the Gurus had children normally (via sexual intercourse), they didn't have sexual intercourse. etc etc. these are all answers from Sikhs themselves. you can read them on this forum. I ask simpl questions, and some of you guys start arguing amon
  9. First of all thanks Paapiman for the link. So Sikhism has to Bhai Gurdas, one at the time of the 6th guru and one at the 10th Guru. Umm as for Satkirin post. As a non sikh I question all aspects of Sikhi to get a better idea. Not to offend but to improve my own knowledge. Out of all the people posting here, I like her posts the most as it seems she thinking about various things and not just accepting the status quo. To give an example of other posts that are not thought out: I find the following arguments so dumb I’ve stopped addressing them; “We are god but we are not pur
  10. Is there a English translation of the Vaaran of Bhai Saab Bhai Gurdas online? If so does anyone have a link? This is the same Bhai Gurdas Sikhs get the Dassam Granth from right?
  11. OK, this above site only mentions one story of "astral travel" - story of a person the Guru met in Baghdad. (Vaar 1 Pauri 36). Sorry what book is this referring to? Are there any other quotes from SGGS on this? Anything on other gurus travelling to other worlds? Also the quote above says " Upper and lower worlds" how do you know this is simply not referring to earth and the heavens? Rather the alien planets? Thanks
  12. Where is SGGS does it say sex for pleasure is bad? and where in SGGS or rahit-nams does it say the gurus never had sex?
  13. Sorry I didn't see the questions you posted until now when I clicked on the link - I will do some tomorrow, a bit tired now after answering previous posts. OK - that's right, if we had proof that E.T really existed or there were Martians then I wouldn't have asked the question. But since we don't know if aliens exist and to my knowledge the SGGS doesn't allude to any alien life form on other planets, I think my point stands. By the way if intelligent life forms existed on other planets - that would leave humans as the only ones that could make free choice decisions would it. and then of co
  14. @ das your last point "So, find the answers if you really want; but otherwise if you're here just to prove some religion/creed/some-organization wrong, then please tell us your point of view and spare your and our energy for something better. I'm sure that there are lot of better things in life as compared to doing arguments.'' Umm this is a Q&A section on a Sikhism open forum, is it not? That's why I've posted my questions here. I'm not trying to prove anything or prove anyone wrong. But simply ask questions on beliefs to better understand it. For example just by asking
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