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  1. I think thats a good thing, because your acting as a provider. So logically you'll try to put your child in the right direction. Tell them your not going to be here all of their life, they'll have to then stepup. I think you're "attachted" because you havent finished your work or feel you have more to offer?
  2. You want to severe ties? Ask them to break your heart, see how quickly they'll change for you. You need compassion for people, treat others like you would like to be treated. Im sure if you were a son to a father who has left you, you would hate your father for the rest of your life. Hows this for severe ties, you'll die, like everyone but you can still care for people on the way. Dont confuse compassion to attachment.
  3. With age your sex drive would naturally go down itself. Then you may want to pursue other goals in life. If you still have kaam, it's natural. At least your married with your partner that you hopefully love. Showing your partner physical affection makes your relationship stronger. Ain't you two bodies with one light when you get married?
  4. It also comes with the right type of guidance. Having a connection with your other half is about knowning their personality. Knowing what hurts them, what makes them happy. Knowning this you know their heart. But then again, you can get maniptuive partners who can use theses against you. This is when you need to be aware of people.
  5. You all have it wrong, dont get married if you dont want sex. Simple. If you want to get married, youre going to have sex regardless. In some traditions sex is selfless act where you're giving pleasure to your partner and not just meeting your own desires. If you want advice about being celibate, ask someone who isnt married and doesnt tell you to get married. "Oh I want kids", then youre going to have sex then isnt it? "But my Baba said Kaam is bad and you should avoid it all costs", dont get married. "My baba said you should get married but avoid Kaam". Ask yourself why should you
  6. If in the beginning there was only God, then I would assume God would be taking pieces of itself and creating it using himself as the pieces. Hence God is part of creation. When we die, we go back to God's missing piece and merge back.
  7. Compare it with trending video which makes maps "racist".
  8. Yes, its called blindly following rituals without knowing their meaning.
  9. On the subject of "Law of karma". Sitting back and letting "karma" do something is Reailty is in reality an oxymoron. It's like expecting an action to take place when there is no action to settle it. I'm not talking about it paradoxically either. If I was then, taking no action is better than action. This can be applied to doing something will cause more harm than good. Action (Karma) is only done with intent not by doing nothing.
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