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  1. When you have a crush its suppose to go away when you find faults in your object of desire. However if it is true love then you are in great trouble my friend.
  2. i am sorry if my post came as if i am implying that. i was only stating what joginder singh was saying. i dont agree with him by the way. i think he is anti-sikh force hand. back to topic. what was the beliefs of mahants who were in control of the gurdware before singh sabha? which branch were they affiliated to?
  3. i think it is time for another movement. everything has its time. only guru is true and timeless. if the sikh groups before singh sabha had been perfect it would have never arisen. if we want to go back to roots then rozanaspokesman is trying same thing. only he is going as back as guru nanak and discarding everything that came after him as being 'corrupted'.
  4. 'Hinduism is the Ocean towards which all rivers flow'. MK Gandhi.
  5. There is no other word for Khusra. It is however used for abusing someone that he is not manly enough. Hijra is hindi version of khusra (punjabi) & Intersex (eng). napumsak is Napunsak which is someone who 'cannot get it up' not Khusra.
  6. Khusre have an interesting contribution to Indian history. They acted as guards of queens & harems of Emperors,spies, personal companions, and were often sent by the Mighty Muslim Kings of India to hunt and bring back the most beautiful girls for their Harems. One of the famous Khusra was Malik Kafur. He was a slave of Ala-Uddin Khalji, the mighty King who was a great military commander who numerous times defeated the mightier Mongols. Malik Kafur became lover of Khalji and later military leader and conquered most of South for him. He became so powerful that he dominated an older Khalji a
  7. vedas talk about killing and eating cattle. now contemplate upon that one. and dont quote bhagat kabirs verse about fish as he strongly condemned krishna as being God.
  8. Definition: In Canada, the honorary title of Queen's Counsel or QC is used to recognize Canadian lawyers for exceptional merit and contribution to the legal profession. Appointments as Queen's Counsel are formally made by the provincial Lieutenant-Governor from members of the bar of the relevant province, on the recommendation of the provincial Attorney General. The practice of making Queen's Counsel appointments in not consistent across Canada, and the eligibility criteria vary. For example, Quebec stopped making Queen's Counsel appointments in 1976, and Ontario stopped the practice in 19
  9. obeying someone is like you dont have a free will. wats the purpose of a guru if you cannot do what you want to do. does guru teach us to lead life in an organised way? or just as we please?
  10. Where does the Guru says that you have to obey the Guru? Agree you dont have to follow the Jathedar blindly, he is not superior to Panth, but that does not mean Akal Takht is nothing. It represents the sovereignity of Sikh Panth.
  11. Why is it that the hair on his brows are untouched?
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