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  1. ^^^Thank you Khalsa Ji for this seva , your other posts on Aatmik Gyan are relly good too.
  2. Khalsa Ji Good post. Personally I would say that Moksh can only be obtained upon losing one's vaashna and one cannot lose vaashna without meditating on Waheguru. The Sadh jan seva would be to obtain an understanding of seva and simrann from enlightened Sadh Jan. They would show the devotee the value of Naam and the devotee's seva would bring about nimrtah.
  3. Updesh 6th Patshahi Adaiy 43rd , 5th Raas. Banvaali and Parsram. Banvaali and Parsram were both “Vayd” (doctors) of a high degree. They would treat the Sadhsangat and eliminate their suffering.(1) They would spend their own money on preparing medicines and would dispense them to the Sangat. If anyone was housebound/bedbound they would go to their abode and with the strength of their medicine the patient would sit up.(2) With great love they would sing Shabads , then they would contemplate the meanings and act upon them in their everyday life. One day with clasped hands
  4. Thank you Khalsa Ji for the above post. The following is Updesh 6th Patshahi where they stress the importance of Naam Simran , Bhagti , and Daasa bhaav in conjunction with obtaining Gyan: Jattu Tappa Updesh SriHargobindJi Maharajh Patshai 6th. Raas 5th , Adaiy 45th. Jattu Tappa. In Jonpur lived a mahan (great) tappa (physical endurance etc.). He came to do the darshan of Sri Guru Hargobind Ji. (1) He did bandana (paying respect) with clasped hands and made a benti (request) whilst sitting down. “Have heard your bhari sarasht juss (mighty praise) , l
  5. Very interesting and informative post Khalsa Ji , thank you. Personally I feel that Guru Kirpa has to be the ultimate key to Mukti. One achieves Mukti through losing Vashna but one must also lose Deh Hangta. Haumeh can take many subtle forms but when the Gursikh becomes the Daas then Haumeh will cease to be.
  6. The females in the photo are his cousin sisters and nieces.
  7. Khalsa Ji I have spent 14 years with Sant Mann Singh Pehowa wale. Sant Ji are of a very high calibre and rehat. I was humbled by the way they treat every female as their sister/daughter. If anyone has any doubts then please ask. Many thanks.
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