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Video of Arti Arta Shabad Kirtan at Nanaksar


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I havent had the darshan of the two mahapurashs but I have heard from a mahapurash who was in close proximity with Baba Ishar Singh Ji.

He told this sakhi : A premi offered a sarabloh mala made of very very heavy and large sarbloh beads. Baba Ishar Singh Ji jokingly said its gonna be very heavy for us to carry. Baba Ji went to Baba Chet Singh Ji. Now Baba Chet Singh Ji was very tall and baba Ishar singh Ji were of relatively low height,

Baba Chet Singh ji ne sir neevan kar ditta , Baba Ishar Singh Ji ne sarbloh waali mala ohna de gall vich paa ditti , Baba Ishar Singh ji ne has ke keha hun isde naal peengh chootange, doven mahapurash hass paye , Baba Chet Singh ji kehnde jiven tuhadi marji mahapurasho..

I dont know much about the connection between Budha dal and nanaksar, all I know that both Mahapurash were very close.


Baba Chet Singh Ji


Baba Ishar Singh Ji

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