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Virginity in Punjab.


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I have heard from many people that sikh girls now a days are usually non-virgin before marriage in Punjab, is this true? recently, I was talking to a girl from dehi, she was amritdhari, sikh girl and she believed in dating and going out before a marriage decision was to be made.

The reason i m asking is cos I really dont want to marry a non-virgin, and I am virgin myself.

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punjab is screwed up in simple words...

You wont believe i things i heard about punjabi girls and guys..

A typical scenario is the girl puts some kind of sleeping pills in the milk at night and gives them to the family. They all fall fast sleep. And then she goes out to meet her bf at the farm mottor. I have seen this myself.. When i went to punjab 2 years ago i couldn;t believe it.. in punjab.. but my sources (word of mouth) tell me this has been going on since the 70s

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it isnt as bad as its made out. the number of guys and gals "at it" has increased but thats probably down to the dumbass music and film scene. but its not an epidemic. my opinion was that it was mostly college students who were more " liberated " in this respect, rather than village girls.

and people can make mistakes whaegurubol.

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