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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

A friend of mine approached me a few weeks ago, asking for sikh websites that describe the Faith in depth, and I tried looking for some good websites. Most of what i found were websites talking about history of the Guru's and other generel knowledge.

It came to me as a surprise that there are'nt any websites that goes into details on certain philosophical issues on Gurmat, and i was wondering if any of you are interested in making such website with me? Sarbloh.com is great in a sence, but most of it is just bashing neo-sikhs and their translation on Gurbani are written in a biblical language that no one understands.

The things im missing is sikh concepts of the trinity of the Guru as reported in the Bhai Nand Lal prashan uttar, interpration of the Bichatar Natak section on Guru Gobind Singh's comin to the world(is it to be taken literally or as a play as tsingh, javanmard and others have stated) and deep philosophical knowledge that you have gained from listening to Katha of great saints.

Sikhism online is basic and its a shame that people dont go beyond internet in order to find out what Sikhism is really about, but i would think that by making such a website, we might create a hunger for people to go beyond internet and do khoj themselves etc etc.

what do you say, wanna make a change?


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"It came to me as a surprise that there are'nt any websites that goes into details on certain philosophical issues on Gurmat"

This is an issue I have as well.

Every other religious group will have 1001 sites about the basics and external aspects of their beliefs, but one can find websites about their Philisophy, Metaphysics, Vedant, Sidhant etc etc, however all Sikhi websites simply love to reduce "Gurmat" down to the following:

1. External Rehit - 5 Ks and then some elaborations into over-analysed and often pseudo-scientific rationale for these items and sometimes even others (the sarablohias are the best for bringing everything back down to this one item!)

2. Do your paath and don't be bad!!!

And that's about it!!!

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Great idea, I too feel that there is a huge gap, but this isn't just on the net, but in our community in general.

If you can find 5 Singhs who can agree on all points that you would like to put forth in your new website, that will be a huge achievement in it self.

Although a few people in this forum are open minded, and some have learnt great knowledge from various Sampradas/Babai/original historical sources etc, to agree on all points will still be tough, but that shouldn't put you off, I think it's a great idea and well done for putting it forward.

And this forum certainly has people who can make excellent contributions,

although I am not one of them, i'll be happy to help/contribute in any small way I can.

Best of luck.

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You are right niranjana. Before i came to this website i also thought Sikhism was limited to 5 K's, a great history to be proud of, and a simple philosophy which was in agreement with rational behaviour, and i thought this was great and perfect, because i was told that the Gurus made it this way so that we would'n get stucked in deep philosophy that no one seem to understand. a simple down to earth religion, but now i see it otherwise. Gurmat is so much more beatiful now when i see the dephts of Gurbani and sikhi.

i personally find the three forms of God(Parbraham, Gurdev and gurshabad) fascinating and i would love if we could have written material about this in english.

but i also think that shaheediya is right, even though i think my interpretaion on sikhi has more in common with members on this site, still there would be few things we would'n agree on,- but that should'n stop us though

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