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Poll On "Best Operating Systems"


Whats your favourite Operating system?  

27 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000 Proffestional
    • Windows 2000 Server
    • Windows ME
    • Windows 98
    • Unix
    • Linux Red Hat

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I use WinME and Dos for Low level programming , Win2k for Web development and Xp at Work. Linux Red hat has to be the most stable System ever. We had this CD with the entire operating system on it and u simply Boot ur Linux Os up from the CD. Internet ready and everything.

neways Wat i was gonna say was XP, Win2k might be Clever Niyanas but

DOS is the BAPU ji

Everyone Say Peri pena to DOS :wink:

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Its a difficult question bcos each os has its good points and bad points.Also, depends what your gonna do with ur machine. If ur gonna build a server then u need a server standard os, however if u just want a client like the average home user then i would say XP-pro SP1.

Simply bcos it has all the latest drivers, is very friendly with digi devices and due to the infrastructure is very quick.



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Waheguru Satnam

win 98 is perfect for india bcz for windows XP we have to upgrade our hardware. Win 98 is perfectly all right for indians

your brohter


My friends have XP windows and they live in india. Most of the computers in india are compatible with windows XP and im not sure where in india you are living......

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Truth singh, MS dos is an operating system.

Microsoft Disk Operating System aka MS DOS.

I know man just messing around with him.... :)

my major was in computers so don't worry i didn't miss this basic concept.....

simple idea is that this site gives limited poll option and thats why few OS are missing...... Most of them have used polls and still curious to know why we are missing one of the OS .....

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my next pc will probably be a mac.. its the best for designing and security wise they dont get hammered by stupid worms and stuff... and the actual OS looks soooo smart 8) :P

Oh good, i always wanted to write a virus for MAC Os. :D

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