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A friend of mine recently sent me some links where our old friend Bahadur Ali has been spreading misinformation about Sikhi. Even by his previous low standards he's really plunged the depths of nindya.

Some gems.

On a Muslim making a joke about Guru Nanak and Paan tamaku.

This is the funniest thing ever! Did you know tobacco is haram for Sikhs? LOL Well Muslim Nanakshahis do smoke but Indian Sikhs hate it to the point that some of them have beheaded smokers on Indian trains.LOL

If he wants to believe that Guru Nanak was a Muslim then he has every right to believe that. He is even trying to pass himself off as some kind of scholar on Sikhi whom none of the Sikhs could debate with. Well we all know he's a legend in his own lunch break. He's now says that he beat Ali Sina in a debate..lol. He can have all the foki sobha he wants but when he spreads bukwas like this...

Many in the UK follow a cult created by a martial arts teacher called Niddar Singh. They wear blue turbans and often wear a boar's tusk in it. They officially say it's a sign of courage i.e. slaying a boar but in reality it is used for a much more sinister purpose. Sikhs are forbidden to marry Muslim women. This rule made it impossible for Muslim foillowers of Baba Nanak Shah to be considered as fellow disciples of Baba Nanak Shah. In warfare Sikhs would use that boar tusk to rape Muslim women. In their sick belief the boar tusk would defile the Muslim victim and make her not Muslim anymore so that they could rape her.There are many accounts of them forcing Muslim followers of Baba Nanak Shah to eat pork. In my own case these followers of Niddar Singh would put pork in my food and make fun of me. When I joined the Sikh tradition I did so because of the beautiful writings of Baba Nanak Shah but didn't realise how horrible that community was. Sikhism is a house of heresy that should be at best burnt to the ground. In some sense I feel like saying that Baba Nanak Shah's beautiful writings should be saved from this race of demons that are modern Sikhs. Go on any Sikh forum and see how they insult Ahl ul Bayt . For years I tried to prove them wrong by showing them that Baba Nanak Shah never said such things but all you get in return is death threats. They are now trying to get a Sikh regiment in the British army. British recruiting officers regularly show up at Niddar Singh's public speeches and shows and advertise for Sikhs to join the army. I let you brothers and sisters imagine what a regiment of people trained from birth to hate Islam and Muslims and taught that raping Muslim women is ok would do if sent to the Middle East.

May Allah (swt) curse them and may He forgive for having waited so long to join the path of Ahl ul bayt .

Now everyone here knows that I am hardly best friends with any of the sanatan crew but when someone spreads misinformation that could very likely lead to hatred against any Sikh and not just Nihangs then something has to be done.

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Deep Singh,

"All muslims bagats are in fact sikhs"

This is an invalid and incorrect statement and more to the point has nothing to do with this discussion.


"even better on the thread on shiachat is where he tells his fellow members to see www.sikhsangat.com and www.sikhawareness.com to see who vile Sikhs are towards Islam"

I will not speak for sikhsangat, however there is plenty on this forum showing the open minded nature of "many Sikhs" including the "modern day" variety who have spoken highly of either the Prophet, their personal Muslim friends and sangat, likewise plenty here who have spoken against others who have come here to spread hatred against Mulsims (and any other denomination).

It is however, unlikely for people filled with hate to notice this, since "selective" reading is a common trend amongst those with their own agendas, no different to say 19th century Euginicists and their "academic scholarship" on the different "races" in the world.

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God have mercy on him.

Warmongering, deceitful, nauseating, unholy, sacrilegious, corrupted, blasphemous, scandalous, guileful, treacherous, deceitful, repulsive and evil man.

I tolerated much of what he said, as I saw it as his entitled opinion, but warmongering amongst already sensitive cultures, and spreading falsities by way of fact i.e. saying Guru Nanak Dev Ji was effectively baiting Hindu's with teh objective of converting them to Islam is beyond forgiveness or tolerance.

It is clear that this blithering idiot clearly has an agenda - he is too clever to be ignorent to the effects of his guile on any possibility of social harmony/cohesion amongst cautious/uneducated communities.

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This is what I feel as well. I think he's sitting in Iran at the moment (hopefully next to some nuclear installation!) but his mischief via the internet is able to create problems around the world. The Shias on the site don't seem to have a clue about what Sikhism is and some seem to be prepared to believe the worst. As a scholar he is entitled to his opinions but when his chief aim now seems to be is to spread misinformation about Nihangs in particular and Sikhs in general. I think it casts a doubt on his antecedents previous to his becoming a Shia.

There is already a lot of bukwas on Islamic sites about Sikhs shouldn't cut their hair until they kill all Muslims etc and now Bahadur has contributed to this by his claims about the Boar tusk. With his knowledge about many aspects of Sikhi he has been able to pass himself off as someone with knowledge. As the expression says 'Ghar Da Bhedi Lanka Dhayai'.

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Well these leaflets are produced by groups such the British Organisation of Sikh Students, the Sikh Federation (previously known as International Sikh Youth Federation banned after 9/11) and a gang from the Southall area called Sher e Panjab.

They are obsessed with keeping Sikh girls in the Sikh community AT ALL COSTS. The reason being that because of a shortage of girls due to female foeticide (families often get an abortion if they know the child is a girl -astaghfirullah) there is a limited of females in the Sikh community for Sikh men to get married to. Now the problem is that many Sikh girls go out with Muslims and are attracted to Islam for the very simple reason that most often they get treated with more respect than in the Sikh community. Sikh males feel very insecure about this and have come up with all kinds of stories about Muslim males chassing Sikh and Hindu girls to convert them by force and work in brothels in Lahore. I know it sounds absolutely crazy but they feed Sikh youth these lies. Go on forums like www.sikhawareness.com or www.sikhsangat.com and you'll see plenty of anti-Islamic threads and posts. It is really disgusting!

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