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This story I have heard in Diwan in Amritsar .

There was a rich indian business man in foreign.One day he invited a scientist of that land to dinner.Indian ,keeping in mind the foreign tradition, prepared good number of non veg dishes.When scientist came and saw the dishes he YELLED at indian ,''What u have prepared? Do you think my stomach is [highlight=red:f061e221ae]GRAVEYARD[/highlight:f061e221ae]? All ur dishes are not dishes but heap of dead bodies.''

Sangat ji ,Forgive my mistakes if any.

Learn from this story ,when a person dies we consider it bad,but what about hundred bodies which are cut for our parties and marriage purposes.Adopt veg habits

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carrots, and all sabjis are dead too, most of the stuff we eat is dead, a part of a body is defined as a tissue eg muscles definition of a tissue is a group of CELLS with similar function and adaptations. A carrot is a body too made up of cells and membranes and storage cells etc, therefore it can be classed as a tissue and there for when pulled out of the ground a dead carrot (after a certain amount of time) and certainly when cooked.

therefore stupid notion and argument is nullified!

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lol didnt realise you buried water!

Or if you are reffering to the bacteria present in the water then thats just silly, afterall Guru Sahib himself has said that we are not jains so we do as much as we humanly can to stay away from the MAAS (which in my opinion specifically means dead BODIES) and follow Guru Sahib's hukam.

However meat eaters take our rejection of vhaim too far and say we can eat anything!

ps. So I suppose you are all meat eaters? As must be apparent from my posts, I am indeed a lacto-vegetarian (no meat, eggs or fish) and I believe this is Guru Sahib's hukam for us.

Plus if it's ok I think I will try not to engage in too much of a debate on this issue as this would be going against Guru Sahib's hukam of not aruguing over meat! :)

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First of all No where does maharaaj say we cant debate over eating meat. Yes i know which tuk u got that from. Secondly within water there are millions of micro parasites which are living beings. Thirdly "keet hasth pakhaan janth" Maharaaj is present in each and every stone parasite etc. Therefore by saying that bacteria is something silly to consider then so is considering the life of a goat, if you feel different then you are being prejudice my friend.

Fourthly a body as i explained earlier comprises of tissues which are cells which have the same adaptations and function, therefore plants and parasites fall under this category.

Sixthly when maharaaj is ridiculing the jains, he is criticising the whole concept of them trying to preserve life whereby the moral f the bani is that no matter how hard you try to preserve life you fool, life and death is in the hands of the creator, where you kill or another animal does.

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