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Sriman 108 Mahant Sant Tirath Singh Sevapanthi


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Sadly Mahant Tirath Singh Ji has passed away this morning. He was truly a manifestation of seva and compassion, a humble brahmgyani. He served for many years as the president of the Addanshahi Sevapanthi Sabha, while also serving as Mahant of Tikana Bhai Jagta Sahib in Goniana Mandi. He presided over countless charitable projects, colleges, hospitals, welfare programs. He also did much to enrich the sangat's understanding of brahmvidya through access to Sevapanthi literature such as keeping in print Sri Sant Rattan Mala by Bhai Lal Chand Sevapanthi, Bhai Sehaj Ram's various works and publishing his and his gurbhai Sant Bhai Kahn Singh Sevapanthi's steeks on Gurbani. Testimony to his total commitment to prachar, he had been travelling every summer on physically and mentally demanding overseas yatras to the UK and US even upto last year, aged 82. His health deteriorated during last summer's visit to the UK. Having his darshan was always a very humbling experience for he was undoubtedly a tattavjnani. May the rich legacy of the Sevapanth long continue.


His vichar on Sri Japu Ji Sahib


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Not surprisingly Sant Bhai Kahan Singh ji has been given the mahanti of Tikana Bhai Jagta Sahib (and I presume later the pradhan of Sevapanthi Adhanshahi Sabha). Alike his gurbhai, Mahant Tirath Singh, he was also the shish of Mahant Asa Singh and studied under Sant Bhai Amir Singh ji. He has published steeks on Anand Sahib and Barah Maha. He has worked tirelessly over the years supporting Mahant ji in all the programs and projects.

Here's an article from the Tribune;

Sant Tirath Singh cremated

Bathinda, January 17

Thousands paid their respects to Sant Tirath Singh, who passed away on Wednesday, at the Bhai Aasa Singh College ground in Goniana today.

The Sant’s successor, Bhai Kahan Singh, performed the last rites. The funeral procession started from the Tikana Sahib and people standing on both sides of the road paid rich tributes to the Sant.

Avtar Singh Makkar, president, SGPC, Jathedar Balwant Singh Nandgarh, Giani Gurbachan Singh, Balwinder Singh Bhunder and several political and social leaders participated in the procession.

Before the funeral ceremony, Raagi Jathas from Darbar Sahib and Bhai Harbans Singh Jagadhari Wale recited religious shabads.

Speaker of the Tikana Sahib, Chiman Singh said that the ceremony of collecting the ashes would be performed on Friday morning and the bhog ceremony and the Antim Ardas would be organised on January 31 at the Aasa Singh Girls College. — TNS

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